Tired, couldn't sleep, feeling meh

Guess I'll party


I just suck at communicating. I lose words a lot, and, like, stuff.

Written? I'm a little better, but only because I usually have more time to formulate my response.

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yes, you can learn how to code
yes, you're smart enough
yes, it will be hard
yes, you can figure it out
no, don't listen to the elitists
yes, you should figure out how to use a debugger

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communicating effectively is much much much more of the software engineering job than any code business. learn how to articulate your thoughts and your world is your oyster. it'll make you a better programmer, too.

Jessica Rewatches Star Trek Into Darkness (Way More Alcohol Involved) Show more

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Jessica Rewatches Star Trek Into Darkness (Way More Alcohol Involved) Show more

Oh God I pulled an alphys and rambled about video game composers again

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depression rambling, the lies my mean brain is telling me today but they aren't feeling like lies Show more

Everyone else: *lists all the awesome stuff in Endgame*

Me: Howard the Duck made a cameo

Someone literally went "God has a plan" in their argument for kayaking when the dam is open after flooding (hint: that ain't safe and there's a reason why they tell you to stay off the river during that time).

What, he planned for you to be a dumbass too?

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bringing back answering the phone by going wasuuuuuuuuuuup

@Helmic This reminds me of the whole "clout" thing that seems to worm its way into stuff.

Reeeaaally gotta be careful with that, yeah!

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@albijuli Recognizing that there's other people who do the work to make a community function who don't have a formal title and powers is important in keeping egos in perspective, I think. Bad mods may assume a community belongs to then, not recognize the role others play when they mediate conflicts without any mod powers or post the content that justifies the community's existence.

It's a small part of a larger effort to make a community better.


>> the admin was already fed up with you before you even made an account.

in my defense "fed up" is my default state 😆

But seriously, I look over the rules from time to time and see if they need softening up. That's on my todo list for the weekend, actually.

My approach... I'm getting better. I'm firm, even blunt, but the teeth typically don't come out unless it's blatant bigotry or disrespect. I take a deep breath before I comment.

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@Helmic Clarification question!

Does your "That's how it should work, yeah" refer back to my saying that being a mod is a thankless volunteer position?

If so, I disagree with *just* the thankless part. I always make a point to thank the mods sometimes; I don't want them to feel unappreciated and get burnt out, you know?

Also, glad I went with that wording and not "chore," in retrospect "volunteer position" sounds nicer.

Also also, thank you for your comments.

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