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Anything is a spectator sport if you're enough.

And since I'm clearly so tired of said conversations, I need to back to just not having them.

But, honey, getting called out and understandably chewed out on Facebook is not a fight.

I've had Fandom Wanks worse than that. A good ten years and change ago.

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Full disclosure, I'm only a pacifist by technicality and subscribe to "good doesn't have to be nice all the time."

(I know I leaned on tvtropes here. What are you going to do, at-symbol me?)

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Also: using pacifism to just dodge accountability and tough conversations where you *might* be in the wrong is a special sort of cowardice.

I'm done. So fucking done.

My coddling days have been over for awhile now. If you can't handle it, move along.

Don't forget that everybody is different! These toots are just suggestions - take the ones you think might help and leave the rest. Be kind to yourself.

I can't enjoy anything without it being a fucking dog whistle

Everything's a goddamn dog whistle

Because I'm surrounded by rhetoric that wants my queer black ass dead

And I can't seem to escape it unless I hide under a very isolated rock

But something is bound to flip over said rock eventually

I'm exhausted

If you're making a conscious effort to "follow gender roles" in your relationships, I'm instantly wary.

Three guesses why, and the first two don't count.

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Meta, CW ask, climate, neg, trans 

@erosdiscordia @anarchiv it makes me angry. it's like incessant tragedy porn about dead queer folk or disbaled people or poc. we *all* already know this is awful. we don't need to see post after post about our people fucking dying. post some good shit for once. post about things you can do, people you can donate to. post stories about how people have stood up and changed something. this the information that motivates action

here's a picture I made for reply guys, free for distribution to my masto buds

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sometimes i think im an irredeemable weirdo and then i read a single post on r/relationships

I think its every shitposter's sword duty to make one post that just says "I'm a fucking delight"

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