@pony 50 million in funding and 5 years of development

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Big news: @waddlesplash has been hired by Haiku, Inc. as a full-time contractor to work on improving Haiku! Consider donating today to help fund the contract. haiku-os.org/news/2021-08-25_h

@yogthos it would help if Firefox was less terrible I guess

You ever notice how most of the anti-crypto sentiment comes from the rich? Youd almost think theyre mad at the working class being able to make money, huh.

@dosnostalgic look, the USSR fucked us up, we domt have enough money to afford computers okay, give us a break :^)

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Dear Czech porno studio,
please hire me as a tech consultant, so your actors can enjoy playing DOS games at full speed.

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@witchfynder_finder I mean theres enough evidence to suggest Astra and possibly Sputnik are not good at all anf possibly harmful, so there is definitely a reasom to check what youre getting

@conservancy @pono hello, could anyone please tell me why the SFC hasnt published any reports on your site for 3 years now? I donate to projects mostly depending on their balance, and if I cant see it at all, I have to skip donating comoletely.

Why the hell would you make Tusky scroll the new content down instead of up who made this

@piggo its not even casual anymore, facebook boomers just flat out saying black people arent people now under Novinky articles

I dont know how hacky this is, but ive posted the way I got it to run on their Gitlab. Feel free to use or reuse or do whatever, it works absolutely fine.


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Are there any maintainers that woukd like to package Devede-NG? I have poked around the code and it works absolutely fine as long as the /proc/cpu call is replaced with FBSD equivalent. I dont have enough skill or time to maintain the package.

@flavigula nice. Is that two or one bedroom? Im looking for a place there too, but the rent is insane everywhere. :/ im thinking my best bet might be to get a two bedroom appt and sublease it to someone else.

@luka @flavigula if you guys cpuld check this out and maybe help !e promote this, I would be very grateful :)

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We've released a new Noise benefit comp, raising money for Befrienders Worldwide, a volunteer ran network of suicide prevention and mental health helplines and centers, working across the world and - most importantly - in many places where no other equivalent exists. The lineup is amazing, so if you like noise or HNW at all, please consider supporting us!

Cassette tapes will be out soon!


Not really. Singles were always the way decks were supposed to be build (well, always, as in, after like 1994), boosters were only made for drafting. Wotc prints full sets of singles and sells them to game stores, and players can either buy full sets or just single cards.

Not to memtipn bitcoin is doing a good job crashing all by itself

Well youre not supposed to buy the boosters in the first place, justn the singles.

At least that was the idea until Hasbro stuck their nose in threemyears ago.

I am apparently supposed to be mad that Signal has their crypto or something?

1995: These amazing technological advances will help hu!anity advance its knowledge like never before!


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