Not really. Singles were always the way decks were supposed to be build (well, always, as in, after like 1994), boosters were only made for drafting. Wotc prints full sets of singles and sells them to game stores, and players can either buy full sets or just single cards.

Not to memtipn bitcoin is doing a good job crashing all by itself

Well youre not supposed to buy the boosters in the first place, justn the singles.

At least that was the idea until Hasbro stuck their nose in threemyears ago.

I am apparently supposed to be mad that Signal has their crypto or something?

1995: These amazing technological advances will help hu!anity advance its knowledge like never before!


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Curious how wotc pulled their license just as the game was gaining traction and mtg started dropping off, eh

incomplete mtg card idea 

Thats just a terribly broken Necropotence! :P

As much as I prefer BSD over GPL, how is this a surprise to anyone? If its free for them to take, theyll take it freely, especially corps that arent known for their ethics.

...yeaaaah, none of what you said is actually anywhere close to the truth, at least not for Brave. Not sure why youd spend your free time spreading FUD, but okay
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Clovek chvili prestane koukat na televizi a najednou maji stanice seznam a cnn?

Lmao yeah, the company minting its own crypto doesnt care about money

Theres places where elecrticity is cheaper than gas, plus clean electricity is becoming a selling point, so I mean, not a bad idea.

There was a startup that provided electric heaters consisting of ARM chips they sold to compute farms for free heating, wonder where that went...

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How much are you paying for rent? I was looking for a place there and it seems its all pretty damn high

Ill pop in if I ever be able to make it there. Planning to move once I get vaxed.

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