The promoter of Hard Hit made the poster of his latest show be him as a demon girl... In a swimsuit... dominating Suzuki...


If anyone wants some free music, I got a bunch of freebies from Lost Notes Media catalogue, and this download code was there twice. Grind/harsh noise/noisecore.

Forgot to post the latest transfer.

Their site hasn't been updated in about 3 weeks though, so I'm not sure what's going on.

Wait... What the fuck? Are The Rita and Zola Jesus on the Nazi bandwagon too now?

Well, apparently @fsfe can't even maintain their own mailing list properly. I thought they only failed at moderating their translator list, but nope. Good to know, that €60 I'll save on membership fees will come in handy

Well, that's all we collected in the last week ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

You know what happens when you have an irrational love for a musician?

This shit.

I swear I'm done buying effects now. I hope.

Ah, no response, as expected. Nice to see people are still only commited to diversity when it's nice and convenient.

By the way, this is the poster in the thread who your dear co-signer gave the hearty approval and +1, saying that all Muslim refugees are sexual predators. Sure hope having your name right there with Ian without questioning anything is worth it.

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Someone linked me this RE: RMS debacle. It's interesting to have a person signing the Guix open letter say stuff like this. Wonder what other people in the letter think about it. Political correctness being conflated with terrorism and mass murder. The poster he's agreeing to has said some pretty fucked shit too.
Just another case of people preaching water and drinking wine?

Made the second payment from the comp profits today. Sitting at $654HK, a but shy of $100 USD. Sadly, the sales have basically halted, not sure where else I can promote it.

Well, the first payment seems to have gotten thru.

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