My girlfriend got angry at me when I pointed out drinking coffee is same as taking drugs.

Coffee has a lot of caffeine which has
1) No nutritive value
2) Acts as stimulant (of course a mild one)
3) People repeat it, over time the amount of coffee people take increases to produce the same effect.

Just because everyone drinks it doesn't make it something good.

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@redstarfish Coffee can be seen as stimulant but not necessarily as addictive drug. That depends on how much you drink it. Just one cup every morning isn't likely to form addiction.

People who make themselves coffee dependent are different tho.

I have no real horse in this race, but "Just one [dose] every morning isn't likely to form addiction." can be said about a LOT of addictive substances, amd if you just s/every morning/once a week, then most drugs.

@alex @redstarfish @aladar I am not drug user so I have little experience there... but maybe when it comes to these substances we should pay less attention to the substances themselves and more to substance abuse.

I know some people who smoke weed and I can't call them addicts because they only do it every now and then and don't seem to suffer from addiction. Also I know some people who clearly are addicted to sugar (and they are not diagnosed with diabetes, not yet at least) - if they break sugar consumption habits they become miserable.

It is hard to draw clear line here...

Thats a completely different debate, though. Admitting that something is a drug is also the first step toward talking about abuse - see tobacco, alcohol...

@alex @redstarfish
Or, of course, alrernatively, stopping demonizimng other drugs wuld be the most ideal way to accomplish the same goal

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