Consider this to be the official call out for fedi artists for a Hong Kong benefit compilation.
Any style, any genre. Any length.
All money goes to 612 HK Fund.
1€ minimum, under new Bandcamp account.
Live recordings, demos, remixes all welcome.
Probably gonna be called something like "Fediverse for HK" or something. Feel free to add your idea.
Please boost. Please contribute. Please tell your friends.

@aladar @lazarski @phoe @SolarPhasing (I am not sure why I am included in this? I am not an artist.)

@aladar 100% behind the spirit of this idea, but where would the money be going exactly? Is there a way to have the comp facilitate donations without actually being a middle-man financially?

@aladar Thanks! I didn't have much luck finding info yesterday.

Should be easy to verify, if Paypal is withholding the funds of shouldn't be able for the donation to go thru, right?

@aladar Unfortunately if they decided to hold funds, that usually means they're preventing withdrawal/access to the funds by the account-holder, not disabling the account.

I'll def ask around on reddit before I get it online. I don't have a Facebook account, so I can't message them directly. Also I'm thinking that I should just be a middle man exactly for this reason, if I send the proceeds twice a week or so, it will prevent money going to an account that could get withheld...

(Either way, I'm planning to ask if Spark Fund of 612 are the better choices before actually publishing it. They both provide the same services. I haven't had anyone respond to the call out yet though, so who knows if it's even going to happen)

@aladar I'll do my best to contribute. I want to. I need to scrape some time for it. Will you set the deadline?

Thanks! Not gonna set the deadline yet, since it's just only been announced and I dont want to exclude anyone who has less time.

(I am hoping for around 2 weeks, but it really all depends on the artists time)

@th4 @js0000 @aladar I will work on this mon tue. I have a deadline for an article by Sunday night.

@aladar @luka @th4

not directly related, but i hadn't seen the "black blorchestra" before ... those MFs are hardcore:

Yeah, that's the "new hong Kong anthem", it was composed about 2 weeks ago and people are already gathering in thousands to sing it everywhere
@luka @th4

@aladar @luka @th4

i am struck by european "syntax" of the music contrasting with (gas) masked asian players (prolly an aesthetic goal of the endeavor)

adding another layer to my admiration of the movement

unfortunately, integrating the tune into to my submission will add a bit more time ... (but also raising focus and meaning)


@aladar I don't know if I'll have the time, but I'm interested. Does the track have to be related to HK? Does it have to be a new track?

Thanks! It doesn't have to be related, anything is welcome. New or unreleased tracks would be definitely preferred so that there is more incentive for people to buy it, but I'm not sure if I should set that as a requirement

@aladar ok, I have some new material lying around, I'll try to put together a track!


i'll contribute something

right now i'm thinking of a mash up using 'bella ciao' and 'march of the volunteers' (also prolly sound of demonstrations)


it's a great idea- the HK demonstrations are so inspiring to me (even if victory is still uncertain)

do you have a time line (of any sort)?

I dont, not yet, since I dont want to disinclude any artists that wouldn't make the deadline otherwise.

ok- i'll just work on it then and wait to hear how i might add it in to the collection ...


a nice and welcomed idea indeed!

any clue as to whether bandcamp gets a cut?

Yeah, Bandcamp and PayPal both get a cut, no way to sidestep that.


I'll submit a track. How long do I have to prepare it? (Sorry if this has been answered, but I've been a bit occupied the last five or six days and not had time to examine the whole thread.)


No timeline yet, because I dont want to disclude anyone who is busy in personal life. But ASAP is best.

@aladar this looks cool, is it still a go? I could send a track. (Hi!)

@aladar Cool! Where should I send a track to? (Sorry if you mentioned this already, just don't see it in the announcement toot!)

A PM here is fine, I'll ask for the rest of the stuff ill need later :)

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