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Someone did it to me in this very thread!

- I can't tell though, because he blocked me.

F-droid had better delete Firefox from their repository, otherwise someone might be able access this vile hate speech..

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Firefox doesn't brand itself with the logo of a company that abuses free speech to promote and benefit off hate speech. This is exactly what Gab does and - at least for me - which is the elephant in the room that hardly anyone talks about. Free speech, free speech, but why is Gab so proud of performing and/or tolerating gestures that actively harm other people?


As for that reaction that you got, yes, I think it was overblown, unless the person in question is in some severe emotional distress that they can no longer safely hold it inside them.

In general, it's okay for me to disagree via civil discussion, but simply throwing "fuck you" around - sure, it helps one person with letting some emotions out, but is also plainly harmful to both sides of the discussion in the long run.

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Yes... and I'm not calling for that individual to be banned. I'm not calling for their platform to be banned. And I'm not calling for the app that accesses their platform to be banned.

That would be idiotic. f-droid are being idiotic.

@jhol @elsacodelcoco Yep - you're not doing that.

That's where I, personally, have noticed some time ago that some other people can't "not call for an individual/platform/app" as easily as other people, like you. The thing that you've called "just don't look at it" isn't as obvious for some other people or groups of people as they are for you. [>>]

@jhol @elsacodelcoco Why? That's a pretty broad question - usually due of hardships in their life that require most of their attention. The attention that they would normally spend on clicking "ignore" is already gone, as they've been fighting off other things - health issues, law issues, educational issues, social issues in general... the list goes on and on. [>>]

@jhol @elsacodelcoco So, for me, the first trick was to notice that it's generally invalid to extrapolate from me to other people when it comes from details even to simplest things, like them being able to see. So if I'm able/unable to do something, it's not obvious that the other party can do that in the same manner and at the same relative cost that I would/wouldn't. [>>]

@jhol @elsacodelcoco And once I've got that figured out, I was able to use my own curiosity and empathy to actually start figuring things out - if they showed me the finger, why's that? Did they just want to ruin my life? Were they too annoyed to do otherwise? Were they scared of talking with me for some reason and turned it into aggression? The list of questions goes on. [>>]

@jhol And also that's when I started kind-of using my eyes to try and read between, around, and behind the lines to figure out what a single act can mean when it is put in the whole context, not completely removed from it. That's exactly why I asked @elsacodelcoco to provide the full context for the post - I want to figure out exactly what happened there, what the discussion was about, and possibly what the person in question wanted to post about themselves on the Internet. [>>]

@phoe @elsacodelcoco You're showing a great deal of charity to this person.

Could this charity not also apply to Gab users?

I'm a big fan of Dave Cullen @DaveCullen - he's a very middle of the road conservative. What's wrong with that?

People keep saying Gab = Nazis and Gab = Fascists, but that's just not true beyond stereotypes.

There may be "literal fascists" there. I never saw any. I'm not looking for them.

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Gab, as a company, focuses on monetizing hate speech that it propagates via free speech. That's what I called the abuse of free speech previously in the discussion. [>>]

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Since Gab is a corporate instance and access is offered for free, then I am the product, even if I'm just a number in their user count; it means that if I join Gab, I help Gab in its goals, also in the one that I stated above. I do not want to do this, and I consider other people who stay there complicit or supportive of that behaviour. If they were not okay with what Gab does, they would not stay there.

@jhol @elsacodelcoco @DaveCullen As for "literal fascists", I have seen the Gab timeline at various points of time. I saw hoaxes like the ones that way 5G is a mortal danger, vaccines are a mortal danger, women, Muslims, Jews and people of color are despicable (and a mortal danger, too), and polls/quizzes/discussions about how many missiles it takes to eliminate a given minority, and many other interesting "100% verified truths and facts".

These were enough to convince me.


Dont forget about that "lovely" mass shooting manifesto made after years of racism.
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So what? That ZERO to do with all but a handful for Gab users.

ISIS were on twitter for years. Should twitter be banned?

Even on Mastadon itself, there are instances hosting all kinds of abusive content including CP - mostly that stuff gets banned, thank God.

But antifa don't, and there are lots of those guys here. Antifa thugs beat a journalist unconcious and gave him a brain hemorrhage.

By your logic all Mastadon apps should be banned.

It's silly

Yeah mate keep believing that only "handful of users" are posting racist and nazi content that degrades whole races of people, we all believe you dude.
Now tell me the one about 8chan being a bastion of friendship and comradery.
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@aladar @phoe @elsacodelcoco I was talking about that manifesto. Not many people had anything to do with that guy.

I'm not a fan of 8chan, and obviously I have no interest in racist content. My family is mixed race. So I don't have any interest in seeking that material out.

But there's a fair amount of content on Gab that I follow and enjoy.

Moreover, if you don't like it, then block it. It's not hard.

Talking about app-store bans and defederations is a complete overreaction.

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