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The compilation is now released!

This is Revolution of Our Times, a Fediverse collaborative compilation benefiting the Sue The Abuser crowdfunding campaign, which helps the victims of Hong Kong police brutality seek justice. All money collected goes to the campaign! Please share and enjoy! ✊

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Discord users: lmao who cares about data collection

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I don't know if ita more messed up or funny, but tour logo has been stolen and used for years by Dragon Gate Wrestling. Just a heads up, I guess.

The Linux Accessibility a11y project has a Patreon now, looking to hire a full time developer. Go give them some money, proprietary accessibility software is expensive as FUCK, we really need a free software alternative to be the best it can be, for the sake of everyone.

RT this so we can get an impact!

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Nextspace – NeXTSTEP-like desktop environment for Linux

(submitted by JonAtkinson)

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The Cure also have to be in the running

What's the bigger musical "vaporware" at this point, My Bloody Valentine's "two new albums" or RTJ4?

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NetBSD 9.0 Coming Soon with Arm64, Updated ZFS, HW-Accelerated Virtualization

(submitted by rbanffy)

Joke parodying nazis 

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What I'm saying is, if youre not too busy and someone reaches out to you, please make their day a bit better with at least a basic response. It gets tiring fast.

I dont know, ive hit a wall and don't know where to go from here, because I dont have anyone to tell me why I suck and where to improve. Self criticism only gets you so far, I need that negative criticism to improve. ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

The worst of it is when I waste my time actively looking for people/zines/blogs/sites, and I just get ignored by everyone. Not even a "we're too busy", not even a " fuck you, you're trash". I know I'm not entitled to anyone's time but holy shit, is it not basic courtesy to at least take 10 seconds to say something? I'm whining here, but the constant ignoring gets to you after a while.

Having no feedback on your creative input sucks. I need at least some of it. Like, tell me my shit sucks and I'm worthless if that's how you feel, it's honestly better than NOTHING. Whenever I got negative feedback, I learned and grew my skill out of it. But nowadays people just ignore everything and there's no outlets for criticism anymore. And it sucks.

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US Department of Justice Argues Assange Has No First Amendment Rights

(submitted by silasdb)

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