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The compilation is now released!

This is Revolution of Our Times, a Fediverse collaborative compilation benefiting the Sue The Abuser crowdfunding campaign, which helps the victims of Hong Kong police brutality seek justice. All money collected goes to the campaign! Please share and enjoy! ✊

This is exactly the type of shit my thread the other day was about: A Chinese professor defended HK protestors, gets instantly "investigated".

Dear veg* people of Fedi, what are the foods that support/worsen inflammation in the body? I'm struggling with really bad eye issues mostly due to inflammed eyelids and conjunctiva (both chronic), and I'm looking for anything that may help me, because I'm about at my wits end. What food do I need to avoid, aside from meat? RTs appreciated.

And this is what they were doing in the meantime while standing guard, they organized a track and field tournament among them.

"Violent extremists", okay, Beijing.

The HK protesters, fearing a violent attack after yesterday's police raid, built a goddamn improvised catapult to hurl Molotovs on the road to deny police access to them.

That's some damn cleverness, that.

The politics of making art are fucking hard, man. Like, what do you do of you don't know what you can say? I will always stand for my values and principles, and it's easy for *me* to take a clear stance, but if me taking a stance in public could harm someone... What the he does one do

This has been your local stressed out stream of consciousness from an irrelevant person just wanting to see the world be a better place for at least the few last years we have left.

Another thing is that I LOVE Chinese and Japanese history and historic culture. A beautiful, evocative, and amazing cultural heritage among those two countries. But the divide is getting bigger and bigger, to the point where I see Chinese and Hong Kong/Western people write the most awful things about each other, all because of where they were born.

Basically, don't be assholes, people. Remember that everyone is a human being, and most of them don't deserve bad shit to happen to them.

And then, if that happens and people will start rallying against me... What can I even say? I have no idea if I can defend myself and point at my pro-HK work without it triggering all sorts of trouble for the dude. I'm assuming "collaborating with a HK supporter" wouldn't go well with the police over there.

Obviously, I completely support HK. China's regime is doing despicable things. But would I be able to say it publicly without ruining a life? I don't lnow

People nowadays just automatically assume everyone in China is anti freedom and pro genocide. I feel like that's an awful and quite racist way to look at things, and I want to show people that we can come together as people, actual citizens, just sharing art, without either side endorsing the politics of their nation.

And yeah basically it's got me worried. Dude is a legit nice person as well, although we only ever talked "business" and nothing else.

I am kind of stressed out about the next release I have coming up. It's a split with a Chinese artist, and I'm really scared that people will want to shit on me or boycott me/label me as a human rights violation supporter because of it. The thing is, we started way before the HK protests escalated, and since they don't use any secure form of communication, I can't even ask them about their opinion of it, because simply bringing it up could get them into trouble. And I don't want to ruin lives.

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"Hey join us at libre.FM we are DRM free and support indie bookstores"

"Also go fuck yourself if you don't have an USA credit card haha support the alternatives tho"

It's also really sad to see Hong Kongers just being openly and indiscriminately racist as well. But that's not my fight, let them sort that themselves. I'm not sure how much faith I have in people anymore, though.

The amount of "fuck the Chinese" posts I'm seeing all over is seriously fucked up, and you're not any better than the people who actually support the CCP if you judge people by their nationality and race.

Reminder that racism against Chinese people is fucked up and no amount of trying to project their government's actions on them makes it ok.

OpenBSD but with wine support when and how much money do I have to throw at it

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Me: Yeah let's record on q 4track thats a great idea

Also me: Where the FUCK is my tape I had all the recorded shit on it and I don't have it digitized please help

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