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The compilation is now released!

This is Revolution of Our Times, a Fediverse collaborative compilation benefiting the Sue The Abuser crowdfunding campaign, which helps the victims of Hong Kong police brutality seek justice. All money collected goes to the campaign! Please share and enjoy! ✊

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US Department of Justice Argues Assange Has No First Amendment Rights

(submitted by silasdb)

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Wow. #Opera can't make money with its web browser anymore, so it's selling predatory loans to low-income people in Africa and then sending text messages to their contacts when they don't pay. :opera:

It's probably time to uninstall Opera if you use it!

Ive put my latest album on my personal Bandcamp now too, in case someone felt like giving money directly to me :^^)

Goddamit I hate apt so much, it fucks up dependencies all the time but won't tell you anything.

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1990: Phones do calls/texts

2000: Hey, it plays music now


2020: Your brand new linux phone can't call or text because it broke after a pacman -Syu

We're officially reaching the point where phones do everything except being phones my dudes

"We need more women and trans representation in Scifi"
*proceed to harass a trans woman out of publication*

Yes. I am really, really mad.

"Furthermore, Isabel was not out as trans when this story was published. Various claims being made against her pressured Isabel into publicly outing herself as a defense against the attacks. That should never be the case and is very disturbing to me."

Yeah, good job, dumbfucks, backpats all around, you fucking did it.

And no, don't think that Fedi is any better. There's still tons and tons of people trying to start shit in their ranks. And then they bitch and moan that the left is losing relevancy in political sphere.

Don't shit where you eat, assholes.

Fuck everyone who was shitting on this. This is why the right wingers are winning. You're consistently insisting on attacking your own over perceived transgressions, not even fucking stopping for a minute to think.

And then "leftist twitter" tries to act like they're any better than the alt-right harassers. Yeah, sure.

Yes, I am mad.

So, a trans person took the "I identify as an attack helicopter" thing as a writing prompt, and wrote an actually good cyberpunk story out of it, trying to reclaim the meme from being an insulting remark into something positive.

They ran it thru trans people and sensitivity training people.


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Insights into Why Hyperbola GNU/Linux is Turning into Hyperbola BSD

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Finland ends homelessness and provides shelter for all in need

All homeless receive a small apartment and counselling – without any preconditions. 4/5 people a make their way back into a stable life.
All this is cheaper than accepting homelessness.

"We are an anticapitalist band inspired by class struggle"

"That is why we are making for profit music that will be $7 please, thank you"

Is it even worth starting up a label without a Facebook account?

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For F-Droid users:

Firefox Klar, Firefox Lite, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, and IceCat Mobile don't get updates since there are no maintainers.

#firefox #ffklar #fflite #icecatmobile #duckduckgo #browser #maintenance #fdroid

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Holy shit. Someone named Isabel Fall took "I sexually identify as an attack helicopter" as a writing prompt and produced one of the most fabulous cyberpunk, post-human, trans-human mindfucks I've read in a long time. This is extremely my shit

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Inb4 the label is JuSt aPoLiTiCaL CuLtuRaL tErRorIsM

Oh look another well known noise label with ties to Nazi projects, NSBM, and people.

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