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Do you have suggestions for the topic of #sustainability and the #ClimateCrisis for #36c3? Now is the time to have a say through the form the content team just made available. Find the link in this blog post

Brightside Co-op wants to draw up a permaculture plan for smallholding and self build on 5 acres land outside of Brighton en route Eastbourne. We would like to work with two permaculture design students in the process of studying for their diploma in permaculture and supervised by an experienced farmer/permaculturist.

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First Leipzig event today, a "die-in" by the main train station.

Because we refuse to continue the extinction event! 👊 For people, animals, plants and planet, we can do better.

seeking submissions of micro-prose/micro-fiction/poetry (max 500 words) on the subject of “Adaptation”.submissions by the deadline May 20 2019.

@douginamug was no particular thing only an accumulation of them I suppose :-D I am still getting used to this though it will take me some time to get the hang of it


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