I’m Andrew. I live vaguely near Detroit and work in the auto industry. I’m in my mid-to-late twenties.

I like chocolate milk, brown shoes, and mechanical keyboards.

One time I paid way too much for some sangria that tasted horrible.

@ahuster how have we not talked about mechanical keyboards?!

@ahuster oooh. I like. I was on the Matias Ergo Pro for a while, but I had two crap out in 18 months. Now I’ve got an Ergodox EZ. Seeking some new key caps though.

@jsonbecker oh God there are so many. Have you dived into the world of custom keycaps yet?

@ahuster I’ve been mostly staring at pictures on r/mechanicalkeyboards. I need to understand more about how to buy and find them

@jsonbecker kbd.fans/ and pimpmykeyboard.com both have good selection. There are occasionally good group buys on Massdrop too.

@ahuster ooh kbd.fans is new to me. I watch Massdrop too. I need to find a picture of ergodox that has the size of the non-1U keys.

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