Reminder: follow me @ahuster or you will miss my artisanal, handcrafted toots

Listen up, goofballs: I've moved to @ahuster, so get yourself followed over there.

Or else.

I forgot that I had a switch and that I can play it in bed

"Changes to Prime" is always an email subject line that sends ice through your veins.

Mastodon etiquette question: when replying to a CW'd toot, when is it appropriate to not CW your reply?

I would say if your reply is short and does not reveal anything material about was was spoilered, it's fine to not put that under a CW.

Idea: Klout, but for Mastodon.

It'll just be a static page that says "You're doing great, honey."

My desire to look at Twitter continues to dwindle.

wired: wired/tired joke formats

tired: any other kind of joke format

I use my sous vide dingus more than my instant pot.

I barely use my instant pot.

I’m Andrew. I live vaguely near Detroit and work in the auto industry. I’m in my mid-to-late twenties.

I like chocolate milk, brown shoes, and mechanical keyboards.

One time I paid way too much for some sangria that tasted horrible.

Send me your desk/shelf clock recs.

My current shelf clock is nice but it loses a minute per month and I’m getting tired of resetting it.

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