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For all you solarpunk / environmentalist people, an awesome resource to check out & educate yourself


Quarantine Chromeo is good listening: "Stay in bed (and do nothing)"

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Affluence is killing the planet, warn scientists - Affluent, powerful people and their governments have a vested interest in deliberately promoting high consumption and hampering sufficiency-oriented lifestyles. #environment #climatecrisis

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#eidmubarak (thread)

In the middle of Covid quarantine, cyclone #Amphan destroyed a large part of the Bay of Bengal making life really hard for the many communities in the Sundarbans and rural Bengal.

Donated to the West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund and found a list below.

Please consider chipping in if you can. In solidarity with Muslims in India facing lots of hardships this year, I wish you a happy Eid

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Brilliant project that tidies up public domain ebooks.

Gutenberg and Internet Archive are wonderful resources, but the texts are poorly formatted for actual use, especially on ereaders.

This is a volunteer driven initiative to bring these texts up to date with modern standards and make them look as good as possible on the page.

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Spotify is buying up all the popular podcasts and removing them from the commons in order to drive you to their platform.

Podcasts have somehow stayed open access, built on standards, and just (mostly) work. Moving them to a proprietary platform just so a few people (ie: not you) can make money is bad for everyone who isn't making money. (ie: you.)

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3,999,999 accounts
+30 in the last hour
+2,028 in the last day
+20,228 in the last week

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I want to remind that #EUnomia is a research project funded with around 3 millions, also aiming to investigate the #fediverse.

companies leading #projectEUnomia are also involved in:

- mass surveilience
- military and law enforcment
- developing strategies and tools countering mass movements
- countering local journalism with clickbait

@Gargron is/was on their pay check with at least €63,290.

several month ago I made some research about them and puplished it here:
there's also an easy to remember shortlink available:

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Beyond #diversity loss and #ClimateChange: Impacts of #Amazon deforestation on infectious diseases and public #health

#Climatic conditions are important drivers of emerging #infectious #diseases, and activities associated with #deforestation contribute to the spread of disease vectors. This review presents the main impacts of Amazon deforestation on infectious-disease dynamics and public health.

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Duolingo top tip!

uBlock Origin is an adblocker for Firefox. If you have it installed and then right click the ad elements in Duolingo (They add a company ad saying "we see you use a free adblocker, why not pay us and we'll do its job for you...(???) and try to push their premium subscription on you in other places too) you can select the elements of the page you want to get rid of with a feature of uBlock Origin! The elements simply don't exist on my Duolingo page any more because the adblock filters them out.

THIS WORKS FOR POPUPS on other pages too!!! If the page is loaded and then hidden behind a popup that stops you reading the page, getting rid of the elements by right clicking them and adding them as an element uBlock Origin removes can restore functionality to the page! :)

Ayme Sotuyo is drawing amazing body horror right now at

Foodora bought hurrier and killed it in 5 years. Great.

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if the fash are so upset about people issuing block recs for their instances, maybe they should just turn on whitelist federation and stop complaining

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Just to be sure.

Is it because of the forward secrecy property of OMEMO that if I first login to my XMPP account on one client and discuss with somebody with messages encrypted with OMEMO and then login on another app, all previous messages aren't readable?

If I want to see all messages on all my XMPP clients I need to be logged in at the same time?

Or do I need to be at least once logged in some client in order to have my OMEMO keys assigned to my account?


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All I can do is kindly ask that if you are inviting people to Mastodon on other social media, Telegram groups or whatever else, please please use the page instead of linking to specifically. Thank you

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