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"You are registered to attend Akademy 2018"... it's been a long time!

Twitter: increasingly draconian attempts to wipe out third-party app ecosystem

Mastodon: someone made an app for mid-00's PDAs (source:

The hottest take on Russia's hilariously bad attempts to block Telegram over the last two days.

@manu Yeah, I don't understand why Firefox removed the icon from defaults. In Chrome, it almost becomes a strategy: Close down Google Reader, remove RSS icon from Chrome, start pushing publishers to use your proprietary AMP thing instead :thounking:

So... some lame human took my Apache 2 licensed "Cat Avatar Generator" app ( …), added ads to it and put it on Google Play ( …). While AFAIK this is not a license violation, it is of very poor taste...

Thanks to Poussinou for pointing this out:

After two months without a release, here comes Pixel Wheels 0.7.0, featuring a new icy track, improved gameplay, nicer trees and a few other things!

Learn more on

Finally made a release of CMakeDoc, a small command line tool to read doc I created 8 (!) years ago.

Ironically it was originally called CMakeHelp, but when I tried to upload it to PyPI I found out there was already a CMakeHelp tool, which looks

Playing around with a new icon for Pixel Wheels, using Endesga edg32 palette in Aseprite.

Still wondering if it looks punchy or if the colors clash horribly :)

After too many attempts at drawing decent top-down trees for Pixel Wheels, I am considering changing to an RPG style perspective. True top-down is too frustrating to draw with. This is what I have so far.

The only drawback is I would have to remove the screen rotation in the game, but lots of people seems to dislike it, so maybe it's not a problem, what do you think?

Wow, the application I developed at Genymobile is the first in today's github trending repos!

Check out scrcpy! A new tool from my pal @rom1v to display and control Android devices via USB. Lighter and faster than Vysor.

#Android #AndroidDev

Hey, nous venons de publier une appli que j'ai développée pour afficher et contrôler un device Android à partir du PC:



-Open theme. Any engine/tech.

-Must be a parent, +35 years or older preferred.

-Only allowed to work 3 hours a night between the hours of 9pm-3am

-Jam runs for the next 15 years.



Here is Pixel Wheels 0.6.0! The first one with sounds in it! I need to record a video of it to demonstrate all that new noise :)

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