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Started the renaming of Tiny Wheels to Pixel Wheels online, let's hope I did not break any link...

Working on the new menu title for Pixel Wheels. I came up with two contestants so far. Probably going to pick the first one. What do you think?

Main problem with working on sound effects for Pixel Wheels: I can't silence other people in my daily commute by listening to music on my headphones :)

[fr] Nouveau filtre "Color > Equalize HSI-HSL-HSV" pour Gmic ; pour colorier des images par tranche de valeurs de gris, un bon outil pour les peintures numériques en noir&blanc.

[en] New Gmic filter "Color > Equalize HSI-HSL-HSV"; to color images by range of grey values, a good tool for the b&w digital paintings.

#krita #gmic #research

Just published the sources of my Qt port of SFXR! You can find it here:

Download it and start creating blip, zap and booms!

What I have been working on this week, as a small distraction from Tiny Wheels. More on this later, but does it ring a bell to you (ahah)?

I just released Tiny Wheels 0.5.0, featuring a much improved experience on Android and a bunch of other changes! But... is it the last Tiny Wheels?

Check out the announcement on!

Some isometric experiment for a possible game with a cubed zelda and some kind of pigs XD #pixelart #ドット絵

So, finally, real pixel-perfect destructions based on their sprite alpha :D #gamedev #indiedev

Another World
"The Making Of with Eric Chahi"

This is some insight behind the amazing 1991, which was part sci-fi fantasy, platformer, and puzzle game

For its time, Another World was an amazing piece of storytelling considering the hardware available at the time (Atari ST and Amiga)


Experimenting with pie buttons in the corners of the screen for Tiny Wheels. It feels nicer to only have to rotate the thumbs to reach the buttons instead of really moving them. I haven't met this kind of layout so far in mobile games, do you have experience with a similar setup, what do you think of it?

Wrote that level-drawing tool I mentioned :D
It takes a schematic layout drawing and builds it out with tiles, using cosmetic variant tiles at random and fitting auxiliary tiles as needed.

In the image with the tile grid, you can see the auxiliary tiles it adds, they're the tiles that aren't included in the sketch.

The tool has its flaws (mostly due to working on only one layer of tiles), but nothing that a few minutes in a level editor won't fix!

#programming #gamedev

I once saw someone say that pixel art was the first truly masculine art form and to this day I carry my great grandmothers cross stitch sampler around with me so that in case I ever meet that person I can throw it at them

Coming up in Tiny Wheels 0.4.0: Santa Truck! Featured here using a turbo to grab the first place!

🇬🇧 Tonight is "Hip Hop symphonique": rappers playing with the philarmonic orchestra of Maison de la radio.

Tonigh edition:

Last year edition:

🇫🇷 Ce soir c'est "Hip Hop symphonique", des rappers joue avec l'orchestre philarmonique de la Maison de la Radio.

L'édition de ce soir :

L'édition de l'année dernière :

— J'ai inventé une arme terrible. Je crois que je vais la détruire avant qu'elle ne tombe entre de mauvaises mains.
— Elle est si dangereuse ?
— C'est un pistolet littéral. Regarde la pluie dehors.

Il pointa le pistolet vers la fenêtre, pressa la détente en déclarant « Il pleut des cordes. ». Immédiatement, les gouttes de pluie s'allongèrent, prirent de la couleur et de l'épaisseur…

— Mais avant de la détruire, je vais m'occuper des politiciens qui ne font que de la merde.


Si today on the train back home I fixed an annoying bug in Tiny Wheels which sometimes caused vehicles to be stuck after they spined because of hitting a mine or a bullet.
This one has been bothering me for a while, so I am happy :)
(Reminds me I need to push the changes!)

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