Stop saying RSS is dead people. I'm literally using it to read your shitty article about how it's dead

@matilde Thanks Matilde! I feel it's a bit too early to email press, thinking about it more what I am really looking for is beta testers.

I get some good feedback by putting the game in the hands of my family members, friends and colleagues, but I'd like to expand that circle.

Going to a local meetup sounds like a good idea!

Hey indie game developers, where do you usually advertise your game?

I am not getting much feedback from my game, so it is either embarrassingly bad (entirely possible, but I hope it's not!) or I am not announcing new releases at the right places.

Storing data for your mobile app in a flat file, quick and simple. Sometimes that's all you need!

I just published Pixel Wheels 0.10.0, I hope you like this new version! Let me know if you find the new homing missile bonus as fun as I do!

Past-me is an asshole who never does what needs to be done on time and pass it on to me.

Fortunately, future-me is a cool guy who always take care of it for me. 👍

My 12-year old son just pixeled this #Undertale #fanart and I have to say I'm pretty proud. #pixelart

@LaurentChemla what if i told you :
Les pizzas sont rondes dans des boites carrés afin d'être coupées en triangles !

Alors, pourquoi:

- les steack hachés sont pas carrés comme les tranches de pain de mie ce serait plus facile pour faire des burgers à l'arrache sans avoir à acheter des buns.

- alors que les tranches de fromage à burger sont carrés comme les tranches de pain de mie et ne tiennent pas dans les buns.


Today I redrew the bonus crate of PixelWheels, making it slightly bigger and using the palette I have standardized on: edg32 (I know everybody is fond of db32, but I cannot use it, edg32 otoh, works for me)

Il y a un ticket Mastodon "Account aliases" qui me plait beaucoup (mais qui n'a pas l'air de beaucoup bouger 😣).
Il permettrait rediriger une adresse custom vers un compte mastodon, comme c'est possible de le faire avec les mails (en ajoutant des entrée DNS).
En gros : new_user@my_domain -> current_user@mon_instance
Ce qui permettrait de faciliter la migration de compte, vu que tes abonnés suivent ton domaine custom, ça restera le cas si tu change d'instance.

@Gargron Another problem with #MegaInstances is that development begins to favour their form, needs, and resources. Hence we have heavyweight components like Elastic Search that mega instances can implement but which are nigh-on impossible for individual instances to support. So we now have two classes of nodes and the feature disparity will further exasperate the trend towards centralised nodes. Remember that it was superior search + “free” hosting made Gmail what it is today.

Here’s an idea: form a voluntary “Fediverse Code” that limits the size of instances to a small number. Say 100 or, at most 1,000. Any instances larger than that size are blocked.

The mega-instances we have today, like .social, voluntarily agree to cull their numbers over a period of time; aiding the migration to other instances.

The fediverse is already hugely centralised and unless we do something about it, it will be ruled by a handful of feudal lords/Mini-Jacks.

CC @Gargron

Dear Fediverse,

Soon, some venture capitalist will put $5 million into a startup that offers free fediverse accounts with unlimited storage, etc.

Unless every other instance instantly blocks such a service from Day 1, you can kiss your fediverse goodbye and say hello to a new Gmail. Once network effects kick in, they will make the rules.

It _can_ happen here but you have an opportunity to kill it before it does.

#centralisation #fediverse

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