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Aurélien Gâteau

The hottest take on Russia's hilariously bad attempts to block Telegram over the last two days.

@manu Yeah, I don't understand why Firefox removed the icon from defaults. In Chrome, it almost becomes a strategy: Close down Google Reader, remove RSS icon from Chrome, start pushing publishers to use your proprietary AMP thing instead :thounking:

@Gargron @manu Same here, it seems to me that RSS is very much in line with Mozilla philosophy of the open web, so they really should bring it back to the default setup.

@steckerhalter, yes, that's why I made the core of the game I am working on (Pixel Wheels) GPLv3, but reusable components Apache 2.0.

Having said that, GPL only makes those kinds of steal illegal, it does not prevent them. But at least I could have requested Google to take it down.

So... some lame human took my Apache 2 licensed "Cat Avatar Generator" app ( …), added ads to it and put it on Google Play ( …). While AFAIK this is not a license violation, it is of very poor taste...

Thanks to Poussinou for pointing this out:

After two months without a release, here comes Pixel Wheels 0.7.0, featuring a new icy track, improved gameplay, nicer trees and a few other things!

Learn more on

Finally made a release of CMakeDoc, a small command line tool to read doc I created 8 (!) years ago.

Ironically it was originally called CMakeHelp, but when I tried to upload it to PyPI I found out there was already a CMakeHelp tool, which looks

Playing around with a new icon for Pixel Wheels, using Endesga edg32 palette in Aseprite.

Still wondering if it looks punchy or if the colors clash horribly :)

@twisterghost @EvenfallGame glad to here I am not the only one struggling with this! Best of luck with your game!

After too many attempts at drawing decent top-down trees for Pixel Wheels, I am considering changing to an RPG style perspective. True top-down is too frustrating to draw with. This is what I have so far.

The only drawback is I would have to remove the screen rotation in the game, but lots of people seems to dislike it, so maybe it's not a problem, what do you think?

Wow, the application I developed at Genymobile is the first in today's github trending repos!

Check out scrcpy! A new tool from my pal @rom1v to display and control Android devices via USB. Lighter and faster than Vysor.

#Android #AndroidDev

Hey, nous venons de publier une appli que j'ai développée pour afficher et contrôler un device Android à partir du PC:

What did I do this week? Well, I played with SFXR Qt noise buffer! more about it in this article.

Wrote an article on SFXR Qt, the QtQuick port of SFXR, the awesome sound effect generator by DrPetter:

@smiles thanks! You can disable the rotation in the settings. Quite a few people are troubled by that rotation feature, maybe I'll disable it by default at some point.