In the mood for some random this evening. Here is an attack copter, loosely inspired from Metal Slug RShobu (but I am far from this level!)

Nouvelle release de scrcpy (v1.7).

Elle permet maintenant d'enregistrer l'écran Android en MKV (en plus de MP4, qui a par ailleurs été fixé, car ça écrivait mal les headers et certains lecteurs avaient du mal).

I did it!!!!

TL;DR: I have ported #Wayland to #Darwin and written my own Wayland compositor using Cocoa 😎


New nanonote release, more indentation improvements, url highlight fixes and translations!

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Web dev protip: if you're searching for an open-source component, use the keyword "accessible" or "a11y." E.g. "accessible dialog," "accessible carousel," "accessible autocomplete."

Accessibility is like the brown M&Ms in Van Halen lore – if they didn't mess that up, then they probably didn't mess anything else up either.

Kill the concept of "RT does not equal endorsement."

Don't share content if you don't endorse it.

Don't spread it. Let it die.

Do not give it a platform.

📢 NUEVO artículo en mi blog

Nanonote la nueva aplicación de #KDE para tomar notas rápidas y efímeras

La comunidad de @kde cuenta desde hace poco con una nueva aplicación simple para tomar notas simples y efímeras.

Se trata de Nanonote desarrollada por Aurélien Gâteau aka @agateau

Indentation in Nanonote 1.0.0 was a bit broken. 1.0.1 fixes that (and comes with deb and, untested, rpm packages!)

New release of qpropgen: Stop writing boilerplate code to define QObject properties!

Final release of my release month! Nanonote 1.0.0, a Qt-based minimalist note-taking application.

Stuff that's fun can't be scaled.
Stuff made for scale can't be fun.

So if you want to keep the fun, don't get big. If you want to get big, don't try to be fun.

Mockup of a potential new game: you play the blue character and must reach the subway entrance, without getting caught by the red characters who want you to sign a petition... Possible name : Châtelet Surfers :)

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