I just published Pixel Wheels 0.10.0, I hope you like this new version! Let me know if you find the new homing missile bonus as fun as I do! agateau.com/2018/pixelwheels-0

Today I redrew the bonus crate of PixelWheels, making it slightly bigger and using the palette I have standardized on: edg32 (I know everybody is fond of db32, but I cannot use it, edg32 otoh, works for me)

PixelWheels missile is mostly done! The missile behaves correctly now, and I just put together a decent-enough sound for it: agateau.com/tmp/missile.mp3 (made with SFXR Qt, of course!)

Here are the 3 iterations of the design: v1 was not readable on top of vehicles, v2 was too gray, I like v3 :)

I managed to find the bug which caused PixelWheels missiles to "loose" their target, thanks to much logging and "analyzing" of said logs using LibreOffice Calc.

I taught myself some matplotlib a while ago, but I always seem to forget how to use it and go back to Calc, cursing my faulty memory :)

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Hey, I just released version 0.8.0 of Pixel Wheels, featuring (rough for now) championships, fullscreen mode, better sound and a few other niceties!


After two months without a release, here comes Pixel Wheels 0.7.0, featuring a new icy track, improved gameplay, nicer trees and a few other things!

Learn more on agateau.com/2018/pixelwheels-0

Playing around with a new icon for Pixel Wheels, using Endesga edg32 palette in Aseprite.

Still wondering if it looks punchy or if the colors clash horribly :)

After too many attempts at drawing decent top-down trees for Pixel Wheels, I am considering changing to an RPG style perspective. True top-down is too frustrating to draw with. This is what I have so far.

The only drawback is I would have to remove the screen rotation in the game, but lots of people seems to dislike it, so maybe it's not a problem, what do you think?

Wrote an article on SFXR Qt, the QtQuick port of SFXR, the awesome sound effect generator by DrPetter:



Working on the new menu title for Pixel Wheels. I came up with two contestants so far. Probably going to pick the first one. What do you think?

mastodon.xyz/media/H6UNBXeG6T9 mastodon.xyz/media/Du34Qg3vX-s

Just published the sources of my Qt port of SFXR! You can find it here: github.com/agateau/sfxr-qt

Download it and start creating blip, zap and booms!


What I have been working on this week, as a small distraction from Tiny Wheels. More on this later, but does it ring a bell to you (ahah)?


I just released Tiny Wheels 0.5.0, featuring a much improved experience on Android and a bunch of other changes! But... is it the last Tiny Wheels?

Check out the announcement on agateau.com/2018/tinywheels-0-!

mastodon.xyz/media/BHsfvzi7JIJ mastodon.xyz/media/huYWPaFH7tF

Experimenting with pie buttons in the corners of the screen for Tiny Wheels. It feels nicer to only have to rotate the thumbs to reach the buttons instead of really moving them. I haven't met this kind of layout so far in mobile games, do you have experience with a similar setup, what do you think of it?


Coming up in Tiny Wheels 0.4.0: Santa Truck! Featured here using a turbo to grab the first place!

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