day 31: slice

Orange ninja robots are well known on Cyb12 for their impressive sword mastery.

I am an even worse father than I thought: I did not post Inktober 4: "Spell", from my 12 year old.

day 30: jolt

Got inspired by Star Wars Episode 1 for this repair robot. Poor bot is taking quite a jolt to fix that connection!

day 29: double

Dogbot is intrigued by his double in the mirror.

: I am a bad father, I forgot to post my 9 year old drawing for day 25: prickly. Here it is.

day 28: gift

A robot jumping out of a gift box. This magenta marker turned out to be much pinker than I expected, but that's OK.

day 27: thunder

Thunderstorms are so common in the south of Cyb12 that they have installed structures to capture lightning bolts and refill robot batteries.

day 26: Stretch

Some robots have stretchable arms. This is useful in their daily work, but it can prove handy in other situations...

day 25: Prickly

In the ancient times, Robot City most valued treasures were protected by the Prickly Dwarf Bots.

day 24: Chop

There is a French cuisine course in the morning daily show "Robot Matin", but today it did not end up well...

This drawing is a reference to this video (in French, sorry) "J'ai beau être matinal, j'ai mal" :)

day 23: muddy

This poor robot ended up in one of the remaining swamps of Cyb12, and he is not having the time of his life...

day 22: expensive

A famous actor arrives in an expensive vehicle to Robot City yearly movie festival.

day 21: drain

Cyb12, the robot planet, used to be covered by swamps, when they arrived, the robots used these huge ships to drain them.

Still catching up on , this is day 20: breakable.

A worker robot replacing a broken window in one of Robot City skyscrapers.

I am late again for @inktober. Here is day 19: scorched.

Even for the toughest fire department units, the position is no longer tenable, time to fall back!

day 18: bottle

This poor scout robot crashed his ship on a tiny island. His only hope to get help is to send a message in a bottle.

day 17: swollen.

Vegetation can grow on this robot planet, and you can find worker robots like this one harvesting it.

day 16: Angular.

The climbing robots living in the mountains have a quite angular design.

day 15: Weak.

After yesterday concert (see, this clean bot had a lot of work in the Asimov stadium! Its battery is weak, time to charge.

day 14: Clock.

Tonight the famous Robot Enemy rap group will perform live at the Asimov Stadium, featuring Chuck-Beep and Flabot Flav, with his famous neck clock!

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