Just released version 1.3.0 of SFXR Qt, the retro sound effect generator. This one comes with a new wave form, a new file format and binary packages so you don't have to compile it yourself!


So I missed , but here is an alternative touch input mode I am working on for Pixel Wheels. Will probably becomes the default one. Less surprising than the current one, but requires pressing both left and right to drive backwards. What do you think?

Just released Pixel Wheels 0.12.0, featuring 3 new vehicles, a locking system and many other improvements!


Started to work again on Pixel Wheels. Made more vehicles locked by default and changed the vehicle selection screen to hide them (so that it's more of a surprise) and explain how to unlock them.

Ohoh... looks like another side-project... will I ever learn... Anyway, I have been working on a qt-based log viewer called Lovi. It is still an early version but already saves me time at work. You can check it out here:


Started a new car in Pixel Wheels, can you guess what was my source of inspiration?

In the mood for some random this evening. Here is an attack copter, loosely inspired from Metal Slug RShobu (but I am far from this level!)

Final release of my release month! Nanonote 1.0.0, a Qt-based minimalist note-taking application.


Mockup of a potential new game: you play the blue character and must reach the subway entrance, without getting caught by the red characters who want you to sign a petition... Possible name : Châtelet Surfers :)

Release month again, with a new release of Burger Party. What's new? No more ads, game is now free software and you can get cool goodies!


Release month continue: this time it's a new release of Pixel Wheels, featuring persistent best lap and total time records!


day 31: slice

Orange ninja robots are well known on Cyb12 for their impressive sword mastery.

I am an even worse father than I thought: I did not post Inktober 4: "Spell", from my 12 year old.

day 30: jolt

Got inspired by Star Wars Episode 1 for this repair robot. Poor bot is taking quite a jolt to fix that connection!

: I am a bad father, I forgot to post my 9 year old drawing for day 25: prickly. Here it is.

day 28: gift

A robot jumping out of a gift box. This magenta marker turned out to be much pinker than I expected, but that's OK.

day 27: thunder

Thunderstorms are so common in the south of Cyb12 that they have installed structures to capture lightning bolts and refill robot batteries.

day 26: Stretch

Some robots have stretchable arms. This is useful in their daily work, but it can prove handy in other situations...

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