Adding sounds to Pixel Wheels... as tricky as I feared it would be: for my first attempt I only added sound for player actions, but that was odd when another racer picked a bonus or drifted near you. But playing sounds for all racers does not make sense if they are on the other side of the map.
Looks like the right thing to do is to play sound for all visible game objects. Now to decide if volume should be affected by the distance from the player.

@agateau Are you using OpenAL or some other 3d audio library that handles distance falloff and spatialization?

@seanl I am just using libgdx for now. Pixel Wheels is a top-down 2d game so I think I should be able to compute distance reasonably easily. I am not even sure I need this yet. Going to start with limiting sound to visible objects and see how it feels.

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