I just released Tiny Wheels 0.5.0, featuring a much improved experience on Android and a bunch of other changes! But... is it the last Tiny Wheels?

Check out the announcement on!

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@agateau I started to play a bit from time to time at the release before this one. Its fun, but I had to setup the screen to not rotate because it was hard to follow. I also I tend to have difficulties with the on screen pad on android; first time I try this type of pad. Especially for the wheel direction. maybe a slider I can put thumb on it and drag from left to right?
For the title ; "Libre Wheels"
:P ? Cool project. I'll keep an eye on my sys update to try 0.5.0 ! thanks!

@davidrevoy Thanks! More and more people tell me they disable the screen rotate. It's a bit sad because I thought that was one of the original points of the game, but I may switch the default to no rotation, by popular demand :)



in my point of view the most difficult thing is to manage the speed of the car. an accelerator button could at least allow to progressivly adapt to the behavior. it is too fast by default
with a slower start the user can manage the car with or without rotation. the idea of a slide from deevad that is more precise like a real wheel could help a lot too

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