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I like the certificate model, but worry about the possibility of my client cert being stolen. Not an issue for most stuff, but daring to imagine what success might look like among the masses.

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Along the lines of gemtext, I love that it is line based and simple. It is incredibly easy to hand-edit.

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Some thoughts on my dive into so far:


I feel like we're really just scraping the surface of what is possible for gemtext in terms of the clients available. Folding link lists into menus, inlining same-domain images, image preview on hover, etc. should all be possible. There's no rule that says gemtext can't be made shiny and new.

I've spent way too much time this week obsessing over the protocol.

Edit: now with 100% less typos

@gregf I feel like that was probably a deleted scene from The Boondock Saints

Sports just doesn't have the same gravity during a pandemic.


@gdsk3k As for the Obama presidency, it hurts to imagine what might have been had the Dems killed the filibuster when they had the Senate.

But then, it seems like there's support for ending it this time around should they be in position to do so, which pleases me.


@gdsk3k My own position is that I personally preferred Warren, but then we had a primary and a bunch of people liked Biden better. Instead of being a child about that, I am supporting the best candidate available, who is Biden.

And actually, I've been pleased and surprised by Biden the candidate. I haven't found much not to like.

@CarlCravens I don't think so. In fact, it also might help line up your code the way the end keyword does in ruby or lua.

I might try it out myself just to see how it feels


@gdsk3k I tend to agree -- as much as it's popular to argue about whether or not "electability" is bullshit, it's clear that Biden has broader appeal than the progressives did.

The lesson I really wish progressives would take from this is that politics matters, and even though it's an odious game, it's one that must be played with a deft hand.


@gdsk3k It's true. In fact, that edge in polling was a big reason why Biden's perceived electability advantage netted him the nomination.

@CarlCravens not long ago I introduced my kids to strawberry quik. It really is wonderful.

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Fun fact, the original version of Monopoly was created by Lizzie Maggie, and she called it the Landlord's Game, it was to demonstrate the point that even though everybody starts on equal footing eventually one person owns everything and everyone else dies.

@zatnosk np! I haven't tried Kristall yet but will give it a shot.

I get irrationally excited when Ian Roberts is in something in a minor role.

Anyone else have an actor or actress like that?

In terms of tracking, they're not any worse than Windows.

And the ability to run Linux and Android apps on them is kind of nice.

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Returning after a long hiatus. What has happened in the fediverse over the past year or so?

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Assisting another division in the company is no different than any other tech support.

"Thanks for helping out with all these files. We just have one more for you to process, plus these two others."


That would be three files then?
I feel like I'm dealing with Baldrick in a Blackadder episode.

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