I'm really confused how Google is pushing me out of Google Play Music and into YouTube Music, when YTM is missing features that GPM has had for years. (As similar as the interfaces are, I can't believe GPM has a "clear playlist" option and YTM doesn't.)
And don't even get me started on how random "bootleg" videos are prioritized in search results over artist/label-uploaded non-video music.


@CarlCravens probably the one advantage I've seen is that the radio based on a given song seems to be different and better. And there are some pretty good and very specific playlists built into the service.

But yeah, there have been frustrations on my part, too. I dislike the lack of a cast button. And the random bootleg/live videos being prioritized gets to me, too.

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@aethycus I've not been too much into "radio" but this new (to me) feature of it just shifting into "radio" mode at the end of an album... is actually working out because it's pulling in very similar artists and I've discovered a couple new ones. I just get thrown off because I still think in terms of an "album" experience.

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