My new years resolution for 2022 is to attempt to master Scheme by going through a tour-de-force of Scheme-based textbooks.

I've already been through The Little Schemer and the Seasoned Schemer.

Next up:
Essentials of Programming Languages

I am very tired of proprietary tech in NVIDIA cards being eagerly adopted by consumers as though they were standards.

when tribal groups from rural areas outside of cities invade those cities, historically they're referred to as barbarians.

My favorite new piece of information today:

"The Notebook" was directed by the guy who played the villain in "The Wraith."

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Remember that we're the "United States of America".

We're better when we try to lift up everyone, even those we don't agree with.

Be shitty about their politics, not about their misfortunes.

Hell is an eternity of moving things just one or two pixels via CSS.

I just care that stuff basically works and people are happy.

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I don't care if you use angular or react.

I don't care if you write tests for everything or not.

I don't care if you're following agile to the letter, because you're almost certainly not and everyone does it differently anyway.

I don't care if you are using rebase or not for your git merges.

I don't care if your commit messages are beautiful or not, just include the ticket number so I can look it up.

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And I want to stress, I do still care about quality and maintainability. I try to use a null-safe approach to avoid runtime errors. I write referentially transparent code. I write tests where they are appropriate. I ensure that my classes have clean, easy to use interfaces.

I'm not a monster.

But when it comes to most stuff people argue about these days, I really just don't care.

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And so my question to everyone is, have you gone through this programming malaise where nothing seems to matter anymore, and how did you cope with it?

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I'm going through a phase in my career where I feel like code quality is often misunderstood and most things that people energetically debate just really don't matter at all.

Code reviews have devolved into "can I read your code and does it look like you basically did what you were supposed to".

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Just a quick reminder that Free and Open Source Software isn't a competition among ourselves.

We're fighting against those who would co-opt general purpose computing.

It doesn't matter if you're on the BSD side or the Linux side, or if you believe that KDE is great or that GNOME is amazing (or prefer a tiling window manager). We're all on the same side.

We're at our best when we link our arms together and say in a clear voice, you'll have to pass through all of us to overcome all of us.

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Hello World! This is my first attempt to use social media again after deleting almost all my "mainstream" social media accounts 2-3 years ago. So which of the following are you still using? #introductions

I like that cloud gaming makes it easier to not use windows.

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This probably applies to American more than anyone else, but:

If you have an old disused (but working) laptop, check with your local schools to see if they're taking donations. Not every student who needs a computer for distance learning can afford one.


I like the certificate model, but worry about the possibility of my client cert being stolen. Not an issue for most stuff, but daring to imagine what success might look like among the masses.

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Along the lines of gemtext, I love that it is line based and simple. It is incredibly easy to hand-edit.

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Some thoughts on my dive into so far:


I feel like we're really just scraping the surface of what is possible for gemtext in terms of the clients available. Folding link lists into menus, inlining same-domain images, image preview on hover, etc. should all be possible. There's no rule that says gemtext can't be made shiny and new.

I've spent way too much time this week obsessing over the protocol.

Edit: now with 100% less typos

Sports just doesn't have the same gravity during a pandemic.

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