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also did I mention i haven't eaten at all today and am too nauseous to eat now hi

also I found out I'm going to Seattle next week for training but nobody else is going to be in my training class and I feel so awkward omg

today was supposed to be an easy day we only had two flights going out today and today we sent a plane out only to have it come back for mechanical issues

today my flt cancelled bc captains didn't want to stay a few hours later to swap an aircraft because "they don't get paid enough as is"

today I got screamed at and spent probably 8 hours rebooking people and didn't eat dinner and I am tired

a lot of ppl were chill cos they got it and v nice but today sucked and im getting home at 230am

I show up and ask my mom if she wants to get food with me and she's like "I would rather wait for your dad to wake up so he and I can go to lunch" please let the records show that I am trying and have tried

I love ppl so much and retail makes it so hard


today was such a shitty day my job can be really hard sometimes and people don't give a shit and my company is being bought out by a company that gives less of a shit and I am so sad and so tired and upset at being screamed at

eternally adding things to my amazon cart and yet never actually committing to a purchase

I am glad I do not share a bed with anyone, my several slimy limbs end up taking a lot of space

hey someone should buy me a bottle of wine because all the liquor stores are gonna close before I get home THANKS just drop it off at my porch it'll be fine

I ate so much free work pizza I might actually die

saw this the other day and I don't think I've ever needed anything more in my life but also I can't justify like $34 for it

@aemarc BTW, now that you have rum, learn you how to make a classic daiquiri!


I feel sad n tired n overwhelmed and I don't wanna go to work today

wakes up in the middle of the night from a pretty violent and uncomfortable stress dream uhghhhhdhh

this isn't fun I don't like this

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