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@Mainebot well I'm debatably alive (perhaps a ghost, but we'll never know)

@tcql I think it can be so so much fun but I've only tried it once and failed bc well I chose an online game I was terrible at and it was too hard 2 focus

@tcql HOW ARE YOU. do I update my profile picture now because so much in my life has changed or do I wait because I'm coming back from a long hiatus

psst hey kids hows it goin it's deffo been a while max YOU'VE BEEN ON FIRR WHAT DO YOU NEED HELP

hello I'm sorry I've forgotten about y'all I've been quiet on most social media fronts I've been busy traveling it's been weird how is everyone

me: *breaks a sweat trying to open a bottle of wine*

so it turns out if you sit in the hotel lobby sad and alone someone will eventually invite you out for drinks



hahah I'm the most anxious right now what the hell

@brandon it just sucks bc the place I'm staying in is so south of the city so I really have to commit - which I totally will, but I don't think I have the energy for it tonight I'm still wiped from the flight

anyway seattle is weird and I am alone in my training class and I don't like it. and all the other ppl being trained for my position are training in another building. uuuugughghhh.

I love seattle and I love wandering around by myself but this is a lil rough

a woman at this hotel just put cheese on her oatmeal what

also did I mention i haven't eaten at all today and am too nauseous to eat now hi

also I found out I'm going to Seattle next week for training but nobody else is going to be in my training class and I feel so awkward omg

today was supposed to be an easy day we only had two flights going out today and today we sent a plane out only to have it come back for mechanical issues

today my flt cancelled bc captains didn't want to stay a few hours later to swap an aircraft because "they don't get paid enough as is"

today I got screamed at and spent probably 8 hours rebooking people and didn't eat dinner and I am tired

a lot of ppl were chill cos they got it and v nice but today sucked and im getting home at 230am

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