Idea: What if we could customize (add a custom CSS sheet) to our personnal page on @pixelfed ? Can PixelFed become a perfect match between Instagram and Tumblr, a fully personnal space with a federated content flux?

@xuv @_ntoine @pixelfed That is an interesting idea. My only concern with that is security. It's possible to implement a key logger in CSS*. Will investigate this deeper after the launch!

* -

@dansup @_ntoine @pixelfed As a "security" measure, you could disable any loading of external urls.

@dansup @_ntoine @pixelfed Or just look for that particular trick, which is probably very easy to spot.

@xuv @dansup @pixelfed Thanks for taking this idea under consideration. Don't hesitate to contact me in a near future if you want to try this, I would be very happy to try some kind of layouts powered by custom CSS.

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