Going to be heading home tonight after 3 weeks of visiting family, will get to work on a new project perhaps.

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@dagro Off and on i have been working on a video game, itll probably never be done and is just a hobby to pass the time

@ZackieFox Ah. Yea it's kinda the same way with me and Noise. Mostly just something to keep to myself and for fun.

What engine do you use?

@ZackieFox I don't even know the potential of it tbh. I remember playng games made in it when I was like a kid, but that was years ago, so the engine had to have developed by then. lol

@dagro i don't really know, i jist know it gets a bad rep cuz you could easily spit out garbage with it, but im taking my time

@ZackieFox That's with any program to be honest tho. Stuff like Unity gets the same type of rep, doesn't mean good stuff doesn't come out of it.

It's also the same with other forms of media production, esp since I use FL Studio, which is considered one of those gateway DAWs that can make stuff easily (albeit bad).

It's just important to put effort forward and like you said "taking my time".

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