my roommate keeps losing his key and banging on the door at 3am. last night I hazily realized what the banging was and went back to sleep. I feel genuinely bad though, it shouldn't matter how many times this happens, I should let him in. I know some people will say "that'll teach him a lesson" but deliberately leaving him outside at night is passive aggressive as fuck. i don't want to be a passive aggressive jerk. i wish id let him in.

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You are human that's all, and you shouldn't feel guilty because you needed a good sleep 😊

@Xibanya prioritizing your own needs (for sleep) over the (self inflicted, repeated) failure of another isn't "passive aggressive", it's healthy and a good thing to practice.

Prioritize your needs.

Write roommate a note, put it on the inside of the door (so they see it when they go out) that says "I need my sleep and cannot be your unpaid-door-person, please make sure you take your keys with you when you leave".

That's a healthy boundary.
You're not their housekeeper.

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