deeply suspicious of any software engineer who doesn’t believe software is bad

@Sylvhem one of those stray cats who comes and goes, but always knows where the food and love is 😂

@Xibanya MOST PEOPLE: Oh this smart home stuff is so neat! Please connect my light bulbs and water heater and door locks to the Internet via some proprietary black box, that sounds fantastic

SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS: [ live in off-grid Idaho shack where the most advanced technology is a wood-burning stove ]

@jalefkowit @Xibanya The trick is to make sure smart home stuff only can talk to the Internet via software you wrote yourself.

@nemeciii @jalefkowit @Xibanya Indeed. Also tech that doesn't scale has a lot of additional obscurity benefits: Hacking my house may be easier, but hacking Alexa is actually worth the time and money.

@Xibanya @Xibanya apply this to trans people and thats my position on them

@Xibanya Software engineers: begrudgingly making the world a worse place, one line at a time.

@Xibanya I recently bought a new car with all the modern wireless, keyless, fully electronic gizmos and I live in constant anxiety ever since.

@Xibanya I've been writing software for over 40 years. I firmly believe that we are still 50 to 100 years away from knowing how to build software to the same degree that we know how to build bridges. I.e. strong theoretical underpinnings that we can agree on as an industry.

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