@synaesthetica @Xibanya Let me reiterate I don't want everyone to go into a CS degree. Just like everyone who learns how to solve for x at school doesn't go into math academia. I'm just saying most jobs nowadays are using computer programs, and so an ability to work with and modify those computer programs, or automate tasks, will be advantageous to all people.

Real CS is a lot more than coding anyway. Coding is a comparatively simple skill.


@Gargron @synaesthetica@mastodon.social don’t devalue your own considerable skill. To be good at coding takes more than knowing syntax and patterns. It often involves creativity, drive, and a real desire to make something work. Math is the same. Some people are incredibly intelligent but will never find that drive in the area of coding. You can’t tell such a person (as they are in my society) they don’t deserve to afford to live

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