Check out Witch Strandings! A pixel art "strandlike" game from Strange Scaffold. I was the graphics programmer on this! My work on it was completed in 2020 so it's exciting to see it finally about to ship!

have noticed a shift in the last few years, when i explain what i do for a living and i mention shaders laypeople have gone from never having heard of them to "oh so you work on minecraft?"

this is not necessarily a bad thing as it then allows me to explain my profession as "well i basically make minecraft mods for games that havent come out yet"

got an email from an actor who stated both that he would love to be considered for my next chekhov adaptation and that he charges $1 per word. my brother in christ,

anyway I feel so weird, it's like I was generating nudes with a GAN and someone barged into my home shouting HOW DARE YOU GENERATE NUDES OF MY FRIEND!! while handing me a stack of actual nudes of their friend

i dont want your friend's nudes! i wish I'd never seen them! do they know you're going around giving people their nudes?? what the fuck???

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the extra hilarious part though, is that this busybody barging into my DMs to out and deadname some random person I had never heard of then said there should be a publicly available database of deadnames so people would know never to mention them and I'm like....yeah because of course only people who wouldn't want to mention them would use that database, sure

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I should add that the name was very common (the first name so common I probably had more than one person with that name in my class at various times in school) and there are probably at least a hundred people in the united states with that particular first name + last name combination

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I was using gpt3 to generate fake names posting them on twitter. I googled the names before I posted them to be sure they didn't belong to real devs. Someone DMd me "hey [name] you just posted is @[someone I had never heard of with fewer followers than me]'s deadname" and went on to imply I was doing something untoward. Outing and deadnaming a person in order to scold someone else sure is an allyship strategy

has anyone ever said talk shows are just streamers for old people?

I have hip-length hair and the AC is busted. the perfect time to perfect my lady godiva cosplay

demosceners must all belong to the same country club because they’re always talking about golfing 🤔

episode 101. hell that looks great. and if anyone here is wondering why I'm losing my mind over this animation, you gotta understand that most of the movement in this show doesn't uhh have much movement in it

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episode 94, same deal. it's lowkey but this scene is definitely animated way better than most talky scenes in this show are

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episode 88, again directed and boarded by Hitoyuki Matsui. we even get a taste of CINEMASCOPE! (2.6:1 aspect) Fancy!!

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both the previous clips were boarded and directed by Hitoyuki Matsui. I can't sleep so let's see if his episodes are the weirdly well-animated ones

episode 81, boarded and directed by Hitoyuki Matsui. look at that sweet goblin ass. okay so far the hypothesis holds up

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another passage from a different episode (56) with abnormally high-quality animation. lol the fact that the animation is so expressive makes the duplicated cels stand out way more than if the animation was as janky as most episodes

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