I'm back on masto...to say please wishlist my newest game on Steam, a 3D adventure game version of Chekhov's The Seagull store.steampowered.com/app/165

The store page for my visual novel adaptation of The Cherry Orchard just went live! Please wishlist the game so it gets good algorithm vibes! Also because it rules and you're gonna wanna pick it up when it comes out! store.steampowered.com/app/110

i logged in and the instance showed me a tutorial and for a moment I was worried I had never actually signed up before and all my years on masto were a feverish delusion

some video games are like sex. even if theyre bad, theyre still pizza. wait let me try that again

This tutorial I wrote on how bitmasks work is one of my favorite beginner tutorials I’ve written. Give it a look see, it might be what you need to wrap your brain around a topic that a lot of people find tricky! patreon.com/posts/34282461

man I gotta get back in the habit of using masto. it’s been too long. still nice to see that a lot of my mutuals from back when I was a daily tooter are still around ❤️

Did you know I write Unity shader tutorials for beginners? They’re all free too! You can check them out at patreon.com/teamdogpit ! learn to make pretty things on the computer!

what’s up masto? it’s been awhile, anything new with y’all?

adventures in dev mentoring
me: don’t worry, we got this. type in git reset —hard HEAD
😊: k
me: ah hm, do git reset —hard HEAD^
🙂: k
me: hrm pull the branch again
😐: k
me: and copy that file into a text editor
🤨: just copy and paste it?
me: I swear I’m not making this up!

i havent plucked my eyebrows in months and yet they remain immaculately groomed. i guess at some point after 15 years of yanking the follicles there were just like fuck this im out

me, on my deathbed: [inaudible]
my large adult son, crying: yes, mother, what is it?
me, in his ear: ....works....on my machine..... [dies]

Uh I just got an idea for an infographic I want to make. Tell me where you live and what the typical residential window covering is. here pictured: plastic blinds in my bedroom window in Texas

the main benefit of PEP-8’s 79 character limit is it lets me have 6 windows of code open at once, which makes me seem very smart, despite the fact that I sometimes show up to work with my shirt on backwards

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