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Manuela Malasaña

‪today I learned that writing a character with realistic OCD makes one’s own real OCD less manageable the following day. 🤦‍♀️ it seems obvious in hindsight. but if my writing manages to twist anyone’s stomach then it’ll have been worth it. yess, yessss‬

me, looking at my friends with anxiety: jfc ya'll need some chill

me, not giving any fucks due to depression: jfc i need less chill

when i was planning my wedding i was constantly saying stuff like “i really hate this,” “this feels wrong,” “i dont want to get married,” and everyone was like “lol so typical” and then acted all stunned when i broke the engagement. society’s got fucked up ideas on marriage smdh

‪in a relationship you really do have to chop off a part of yourself and replace it with a part of your partner. If that person stops being in your life though, you better regrow some more self like a starfish or you’re in for a bad time. Course, the regrown part won’t be the same‬

my jam that starts on 4/20 has 69 entrants im so happy

It’s basically impossible for me to concentrate at work right now because I’m having an astonishingly painful cramp and it’s taking all I am to not visibly writhe around. Reflecting on how it’s easier to broadcast that on mastodon than feel OK telling my manager I want to go home

my passwords used to include his initials among other letters and numbers. after it ended i changed my passwords of all the things i used regularly but every now and then i log into something i havent touched in a year and realize i havent changed the password and typing it in again hits me like a punch to the gut

one nice thing about being single is i dont have to pretend to be happy anymore

‪peeps on twitter always talkin bout how theyre lonely and want friends meanwhile im over here having friends and loved ones contacting me constantly but i dont text back bc im trying to die alone‬

‪things i have done during sex:‬
‪* thought of the names of all the US presidents in chronological order‬
‪* thought of all the states and their capitals, in the order they joined the union‬
‪* imagined cracks and bumps in the ceiling as vertices of an imaginary mesh‬

tragedy is when i spend hours trying to make a shader do a thing and it still doesnt work right. comedy is when i fall into an open sewer and die

the last time i kissed him before i broke up with him i knew it would be the last time so i made sure to commit it to memory.

“you are the beauty of the world,” i told him. “the paragon of animals.”

he smiled, not understanding

‪if ur having a conversation with an acquaintance or someone u just met and they exclaim “wow, ur really smart!” u should act like u were complimented, but know that this is feedback that u demonstrated stupidity on the emotional intelligence front hth‬

sexual assault Show more

sexual assault Show more

tbh after having made a rhythm game with voice acting all subsequent audio programming tasks have been a walk in the park

sign up for Dogpit Jam! A chill ten-day jam hosted by yours truly running from 4/20 to 4/30! judges include me, John Warren (of Project Tingler,) SnowSchu, and SharpenedSpoon

welp i just co-signed my youngest brother’s lease as a guarantor which might be the most grown-up thing ive ever done and that includes opening an llc and pretending to enjoy mediocre sex

i lost my virginity immediately after watching kung pow enter the fist which imo is the best way to do it