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Manuela Malasaña

man so many peeps with accounts on instances themed around their interests. i keep getting invited by well-meaning friends to move on past my first masto account. well my interest is ignoring french people so im here to stay

It is a crime against branding that the DEC Rainbow computer logo is so beigewave

@Xibanya I am protected from everything except being horrified when I run into goons irl

A friend of mine has made a neat RPG-like game called Vidar, you might like it

yesterday I got invited to hang with some people I was assured were not From The Internet and five out of the eight of us present turned out to be fucking goons. It’s like the masons but stupider

i am worthless before 11am and i just wish society could accept me for who i am

i watched bbc’s planet earth series and all their other hd nature docs while tripping balls and now i get visuals every time i hear the voice of david attenborough

‪When my (now ex) fiancé popped the question we’d been together 3 yrs but we’d been fighting for wks so I was gobsmacked. (I said yes ‘cuz the fuck the else do you say?!) he got permission from my parents & discussed it with my friends. it was like they all fuckin’ pranked me 😂‬

I am the custodian of a neat discord for people who like to chill and talk about making games sometimes. all are welcome, from devs, to artists, to audio people, to people who just like to play games. pop in and say hi!

sure, sex is great but have you tried more sex?

i implemented concave and convex lenses in my games puzzles. the math was made much easier by the assumption that the lasers go on forever and never gain or lose power

when u realize every couch in every private residence you have ever been in has had sex happen on it, no exceptions, thats the moment u truly become an adult

After living with a bunch of Romanians for years, visiting their country many times, and having okayish proficiency in their language
FRIEND: You’re one of us. You’re a Romanian now.
ME: heh, thanks
FRIEND: no, it’s not something you should be proud of

i dont want to die, thats so final. but it would be cool to sometimes be temporarily not alive

many of my toots would make excellent novelty t-shirts

i like how intentional misspellings and omission of punctuation to indicate a sort of subjunctive tense has become a bona-fide linguistic feature of online discourse, but it also means im sometimes 3 tweets into a convo before i realize im talking to a sincere 14-year-old

Although he thinks I’m more mad at the assumption than to his doubling down after my initial response but you can’t have it all

Surprise twist ending!

I was not expecting this, but I am good with it