I have too many siblings to reliably remember all their ages but I do remember how many years apart we are so if I must know their age for something I just do the math. This leads to unfortunate moments like “no, he can’t be 21 yet because that would make me....oh no....”

i have a corolla s which is the car you get when you want to tell the world i may be boring and i may be in denial about it, but im also, well, no that pretty much covers it

if you aren't AAA no one cares about your game, not the publishers, not the platforms, not your friends, not your family. no one will buy it. no one will play it. if you aren't in this because your all-consuming obsession would make it more painful not to be, what are you doing?

Slam Fighter II is a rhythm typing game in the style of early 90’s arcade fighting games where you win by typing real insults to the beat. It’s $1.50 for the next six days! store.steampowered.com/app/708

I’m at the point in my career where there is nowhere else to go except management, and I am too focused on managing my indie studio to spare enough energy for that at my day job. My boss seems baffled that I don’t seem to aspire to be promoted. I feel strangely powerful

me, a chump new to corporate: hey check out this cool skill I have that no one else does! job security!

me, experienced: i have no remarkable skills whatsoever

me, ascended, to chump: hey what happens when you do [skill]? I bet whoever was good at it would have job security...

being a senior in a flat organization

😊: Manuela, should I do [thing]?
Me: tbh I dunno I don’t really touch it. you should ask [senior who works with thing]
😊: they told me to ask you
Me: I don’t think you need to do [thing]
😊: actually I do
Me: Ok do it
😊: You got it!

Young Valentin and Old Valentin. They’re physically the same age but I hope to communicate the age difference through body language. The actor has also done a fantastic job of differentiating their voices while still sounding like the same person

I made Serghei a mod outfit. I’m getting better at this whole 3d thing!

The first rule of country club is you chat shit about all other country club members behind their backs.
The second rule of country club is you chat shit to the employees in front of them.

when I was a kid I didn’t give a shit about shit. Now I eat antidepressants and care about things

if a man and woman are walking down the street together, it is common courtesy for the man to walk on the side closest to the street so that in the unlikely event that a car veers towards them he can bat it away with his dick

volumetric lighting test for Red Star Azimuth

In doing research for my current game project I found that cosmonauts in the 60s faced enormous challenges. For example, they all had to speak Russian.

Spider-folk, Spider-persons, Spider-Americans, People of Spider

SPOCK: If I were anime, I believe my response would be "shou ga nai"
KIRK: Spock, you want to know something? Everybody's anime
SPOCK: I find that remark....insulting

It’s weird but my manager can’t code. That’s not an insult, it’s not his job and he just doesn’t do it

him: how’s the thing?
me: a bit frustrated by this obscure issue
him, trying his best: ah. have you tried... [thinks] stepping through the code?

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