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Always remember, chefs are food artists

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Sometimes I think about how tasty ancient sea-life might have been. Would they just taste like giant lobsters and shrimp? Keeps me up at night

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@ArloStuff@twitter.com ...I've never been to a con before. I don't really have a way of getting there and all that. >.<

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Well here it is. We knew someone that we predicted to do well would pull out with injury after we recorded the podcast. Did not expect Kakuryu though. twitter.com/yurinojo/status/11

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle should be ported to the Switch. Sega would have my money so fast!

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remember when they told you the northern star will always lead you north and you were like “cool i can’t wait to use that in my life”

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ChrisWere I'm looking at setting up my own PeerTube instance, and I was wondering which host you chose for yours?

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seeing some poorly thought out takes on the timeline, let's be careful alright?

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Are there many other federation out there? I know of yiff.social and relay.dog and that's about it. Even the mainline one shut down I think?

I just cracked my toe knuckles for the first time. It felt good.

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This photo made me so happy!
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We met a certain someone before the matches today. Was not expecting a chance to take a picture with the former Kisenosato, but this may be the highlight of our trip.

Not sure about that last Enho match. I was suprised there wasn't even a mono-ii called. At first I thought it was Enho, but after a replay it looked close enough to make a case for either rikishi.

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@omnipotens True. It does seem pretty nuclear to block a whole instance, or a user because they talk politics.

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