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french burglar 

"y'a juste les deux vieux"


can't watch the pornography i paid for right now. too bad it's a good porno. i guess every porn you pay for it id a good porn

mental trouble mention, choosing instances 

really should split up my personality one more time and end up in one (1) french shitpost queer instance & one (1) english radical ancom instance.
rn i'll go by & :think_bread:

where can i get one (1) antifascism plz its for a friend

Watching climate justice activists refreshing social criticism is quite good !


nowadays, opening a beer with a lighter isn't considered punk anymore. im sad


NT people demanding autistic people's time and energy are like dogs clawing at doors when you're out for a minute getting the mail, but nowhere as cute

Hey Fedi.

I need to call out someone for their arm length history of shitty and toxic behaviour.

The thread will be under CW, but it may generate some discourse outside my control.

So, if you're fragile, tired, if this kind of topics is draining for you, you may want to add a filter for the terms "DashEquals", to avoid being exposed to this.



spreading news can be activism. translations can be activism. pretty much any talent can be useful for activism (except for complaining, that's journalism).

"Trouble dans le genre" de J. Butler. Un monument des relations de , du et des communautés , publié début 1990.
Qui dit monument dit difficulté. Je sais de renom qu'il va être immensément ardu, pire que l'Himalaya à arpenter.
Pour l'instant, je n'ai lu que les préfaces, et mon monde s'en trouve déjà changé. Je recommande vivement ! :amazing:

pinaise bertolt brecht il ressemble à mon prof de Sociologie des relations professionnelles de L3 Oo

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