White peoples crying “Go back where you came from” isn’t about geography. It’s about caste. They don’t want others ending the caste system they’ve dominated.

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Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.
-- Oscar Wilde

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Is 2020 the year we rename July 4th "All Countries Matter Day"? Asking for a friend.

The only way in which I’m binary is that I’m either on or off.

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We gotta start from zero and tell people that Law and morality are not the same thing.

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Police in the US have killed 120 people since George Floyd.

20 days. 120 lives.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/blackartivist/stat

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"What disturbs them is the moral force behind the violence, that those from the lowest levels of society may assert their humanity, refuse to see it denied, and thus make themselves ungovernable." ⁠- Read more enoughisenough14.org/2020/06/1 #GeorgeFloyd #antireport #FTP #RayshardBrooks

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"The mystifying ideological claim that looting is violent and non-political is one that has been carefully produced by the ruling class because it is precisely the violent maintenance of property which is both the basis and end of their power." - In Defense of Looting - Read more: enoughisenough14.org/2020/06/1 #Ferguson

Great news for Atlanta! Keep making them accountable and restraining them from killing. Maybe they’ll all go on strike, everywhere!


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"Police don't just patrol our streets, they also patrol the language we have to talk about them. Using police language/terms to describe things enlists us in the police project." - David Correia author of Police:A Field Guide #acab #abolishpolice

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They can take our barricades but we've already demonstrated the alternative.

Keep fighting.

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It's all of us against racists and police brutality. I don't know who the original artist was, but if you find them, thank them for me.

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Today I learned…

Every #Juneteenth (June 19) from now on, #Bandcamp will be donating 100% of their share of sales to the #NAACP Legal Defense Fund (naacpldf.org/). They’re doing other things as well, but I figure this particular initiative would be of interest to the indie music fans of the #fediverse.

#LDF #BLM #BlackLivesMatter


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Remember that time the #NYPD threw a fit over not being allowed to kill whoever they want, whenever they want, & stopped patrolling altogether to “prove a point” about how important they are for the city?And then crime went *down*?#DefundPolice latimes.com/science/sciencenow twitter.com/RealSteveCox/statu #Australia

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