I forgot how good Mastodon was for just putting thoughts out there. It's good to be back in the fediverse, and with friends this time! ☺️

just as an example, I know that the consensus seems to be that the best Death Cab album is Transatlanticism, but I got more out of Narrow Stairs, and I feel like I shouldn't have to defend myself for that because my taste is just that, my own

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Remind me to try not to make anyone feel bad for the music they enjoy, cuz let me tell ya, it... kinda sucks when you share the stuff you enjoy and folks laugh at you for it

thank you SO SO MUCH everyone who replied and boosted my toot from earlier -- I've been blown away by how quick and impressive the responses have been 💚💚💚

hey fediverse, I'm a journalism student in college and I'm interested in writing a story about Mastodon for a class -- any power users or instance admins out there that would want to talk about the platform and what makes it unique?

(more autism stuff)

one of the best feelings in the world is when someone asks me about a piece of media or a topic I really like (like, a special interest type of Thing), or if the topic comes up in conversation naturally somehow

it kind of gives me this opportunity to share the knowledge I've collected about whatever it is without having to worry about alienating people by just infodumping out of nowhere. (and knowing me, if it's something I like, I have p l e n t y of knowledge to share.)

one of those weird things about being autistic is how much something you love can fill your head and just. stay there. it doesn't really fade, doesn't go away, it just... stays

like, if it's a video game you can play it over and over without getting bored, or if it's a comic book you might just shuffle through the pages to find the parts you enjoyed most just to experience them all over again

(by 'you' I really mean 'myself' but w/e w/e)

I don't know if it's just me or what but finding a character I can really identify with in a piece of media I enjoy is honestly one of the best feelings in the world

like, " Y E S . A N O T H E R . "

and then I spend hours internally gushing about them to myself and ahhhhhhhhh

The Project Scorpio tech specs lowkey make me feel like it might have been a good idea to have waited until it dropped to get an Xbox, but then I remembered that I needed to play Destiny 2 somehow this year. (Still. Feels weird for what still feels fresh and new to you to actually be kind of outdated already.)

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I just realized why this is so cool. We're having conversations, not shouting at each other.

Still trying to figure this out but it seems fun, feels fresh out of the oven. Anyway. I'm Tre. I like cartoons and video games and I make electronic music. Sup.


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