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Those little golden birdies look at them...

Never waste a good crisis. Donate today!

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Passwords are not just for protecting your privacy, it is also for protecting the integrity of your data.

I am beginning to think that a good number of illegal gun sellers on the dark web are actually law enforcement.

France: Another Ex-Cop Caught Buying a Gun on the Darkweb - Deep Dot Web

100 Websites That Shaped the Internet as We Know It

- The list is mostly correct, though I would have liked to see and

Maybe I am naive, but I did not know was a thing until Twitter started banning it.

Streisand effect in practice.

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Claim: Calling someone a #NPC (Non-Player Character) = "dehumanizing".

Truth: By running a stimulus/response script & not thinking for yourself, you're a character who's not playing & have dehumanized yourself.

SOLUTION: Ask Questions. Think For Yourself. Write Your Own Script.

Do you ever feel that your grip on reality is teetering on the edge of a knife?

The void is looking at you, tempting you in, so inviting. But you know once you dive in there is almost no coming back.

Its a shame that the majority, the lambs, are raised and slaughtered not knowing the wonders of the universe. They are happy with their commonly shared worldview, oblivious to the possibilities.

The sheep, the self righteous, the horde, the believers, the capitalists, the socialists and the anarchists.

All are feeding from the same trough. All will come to the same end.

Facebook has a page that allows you to see if your data was recently hacked.

That is nice and all, but what is the point of knowing? Other than delete my account what could I possibly do with that information?

Not sure what is more troubling. That this event happened or that we still are using 1900s cast iron pipes to deliver natural gas. What other ancient infrastructure is still in use underground?

Preliminary Report Pipeline: Over-pressure of a Columbia Gas of Massachusetts Low-pressure Natural Gas Distribution System

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“If Jesus could heal a blind person he happened to meet, then why not heal blindness?”

I can't help think that the media is not making a big deal about the because it's hitting the often forgotten part of Florida, and Southern Georgia.

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