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- Et voilà la connexion plante encore
- Utilise ta 4G !
- client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe

"Tu sais que les médecins maintenant ils recommendent un verre de vin le midi, un verre de vin le soir"
"Oh la bière ça fait du bien"
"Franchement, être anti-alcool comme ça..."

-- Une infirmière, 2019.

in (bad) 1080p, I guess

* TheKinrar now owns a new Netflix account

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I never wanted to believe that my Dad was stealing from his job as a road worker. But when I got home, all the signs were there.

J'ai désactivé les pare-feu et coupé le Wi-Fi. Tout passe par Internet.
Là, j'utilise un VPN via le réseau Tor.

Hm. Exact. :smart:

oh non encore le truc à la con où dans les films ils recréent des pixels supplémentaires et hop l'image devient nette, ça me fatigue

je sais que je suis chiant mais c'est quand même triste qu'il soit à peu près impossible de louer un véhicule utilitaire en aller simple à moins de 21 ans

Tellement heureux que l'instance fonctionne de nouveau correctement :fondue_valls: 🎉

Sidekiq queue has a latency of about 25 minutes; that means you might need to wait that same time to see the consequences of your actions on the web UI - like sending a toot, replying, favoriting, etc. Latency will come down eventually and everything should be fine then.

Okay so it's getting better now but expect some bugs still happening. Please let me now how it's going, either directly here or sending me an email at if it gets bad again.

Thank you all for your patience!

Everything I tried on the current servers didn't work so I will probably need new ones, however I can't deploy new servers until tomorrow.

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Yes, I'm aware the instance is down / having big issues since yesterday morning but I've not been able to fix that yet, being myself quite unavailable.

I'm unsure of what the cause might be, might be a DDoS like other instances had recently but this is still very unsure.

I'm working on it and will deploy new servers to handle the load tomorrow if needed.

Sorry for the inconvenience, this is a very frustrating situation as I cannot do enough to resolve it yet.

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*cliquer sur répondre*
*relire le message et ne rien comprendre*
*voir le message disparaître*
*se dire que l'auteur a dû se relire, lui aussi*

If I knew I was going to live in London I would have booked one year ago :sadness:

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I'll give a cookie to anyone who can sell me a ticket for any Tim Minchin concert in the UK

two cookies, if you want

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