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@amj oui j'ai toujours gardé les invitations ouvertes, mais bon c'est très peu user-friendly comme approche

Je sais pas comment font les autres instances, mais ici je ne peux pas ouvrir les inscriptions sans me prendre des dizaines de bots par heure, la seule solution c'est soit de fermer les inscriptions (ce que je fais depuis longtemps) soit de les ouvrir mais avec vérification manuelle. C'est ce que j'ai mis là, mais c'est franchement désagréable pour les utilisateurs

@Hyzual Je t'en prie, merci à toi pour ton message ! :)

@WandelStock the UI seems quite simplistic I would say though

@olamundo I know this one! I think I used it in the past. Anyway I don't do much on my phone nowadays so I don't really need anything fancy.

(Btw, I don't speak... Portuguese (right?) so I'm guessing the meaning of your sentences from their latin roots, as I speak French, that's some unusual communication too)

@olamundo (not the terminal itself obviously, but the IRC client in a terminal on a mobile phone)

@olamundo You can, indeed! This seems really hard to use though

@piggo @brunofontes Better regarding its Pleroma support or something else?

@brunofontes This is just Tusky with Pleroma support, right?

@douginamug Thank you very much!

Well it can be some fun, but it's not fun when it's about bringing something used by many people back up :/

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