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TheKinrar @TheKinrar

That's quite sad.

I often see people complaining publicly about Mastodon development here, but I almost never see people thanking @Gargron and contributors for the work they're doing.
I'm sure most people have more positive feedback than negative to make but don't.

Mastodon might have its problems but it's still a great piece of software.

Send some love to Gargron and others.
Or contribute. This is free software, you know.

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@TheKinrar, @Gargron et beaucoup d'autres font un formidable travail sur Mastodon, et c'est vrai qu'on ne pense pas souvent à leur dire. La critique est aisée, mais il faut aussi voir ce que l'on a : et c'est franchement pas mal du tout. 🐵 .

Un grand merci à eux et à tous ceux qui apportent leur contribution sur Mastodon.

@Asriel @TheKinrar @Gargron

Use Mastodon is actually a little contribution. ^^

Indeed, Mastodon is great and really "social", thanks @Gargron !! :D

@TheKinrar @Gargron
Has less problems then most social media outlets*

@TheKinrar works like a charm, thanks to @Technowix and @Thoh for hosting, and ofc @Gargron for writing coming up with the idea behind Mastodon and implementing it.

@TheKinrar @Gargron Is one of the tragedies of OSS. Maintainers of successful projects rarely get the adulation they so richly deserve.

@TheKinrar It's just humans. They take positive for natural and complain for the rest.

Postitive hurts no one so no one makes an epidermic reaction to react.

Yes, it's late and my english is quite approximative. Hey! I live in Burgundy 🍷 😋