What Android Mastodon client do people use nowadays?

@TheKinrar Sim.

Termux :terminal: , emulador de Terminal para Sistemas Operacionais tipo Android:

Toot, uma interface de texto para o Mastodon:

@TheKinrar hahahaha connecting to a social network on a terminal on a phone makes you emanate a geeky vibe.

@TheKinrar P.S.: you can add a text-based IRC client and also use libera chat.

@olamundo You can, indeed! This seems really hard to use though

@olamundo (not the terminal itself obviously, but the IRC client in a terminal on a mobile phone)

@olamundo I know this one! I think I used it in the past. Anyway I don't do much on my phone nowadays so I don't really need anything fancy.

(Btw, I don't speak... Portuguese (right?) so I'm guessing the meaning of your sentences from their latin roots, as I speak French, that's some unusual communication too)

@TheKinrar Well, I started using the toot CLI tool especifically because I wanted minimalism.
As I also wished more webpages were accessible without JS, maybe through a pager like w3m or a simple GUI browser.

As for the languages, the three of them are Latin-based, with some mixture. I can comprehend the Latin rooted words of french, plus some that look like English (like “peuple”). The rest I inffer from context or I recall from watching French movies.
I don’t know why the anglo-saxons so often state their language is Germanic. If it is because it has other roots, you could say French is a Gaulish language.
Maybe it stems from “Britain never got invaded by the Roman empire” story?

Anyways I like to try and read French. The worst it can happen is using a French-Portuguese dictionary or LibreTranslate.

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