Hi everyone! Here's a recap of what happened since yesterday.
In order to reduce hosting costs, I changed the server hosting this instance but I clearly underestimated the resources required. Therefore the instance stayed down for way more time that expected and I fought for more than ten hours trying to get it back up. In the end I ordered a new server, again, quite like the old one but still less expansive. Therefore the instance is now back online! :)

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I would also like to remind you that, if you can and want to, you're able to support the hosting costs of the instance (about 100€/month) on Patreon and Liberapay: and

Expect a few minutes of downtime in the upcoming days: there will be an update of the instance, and a few optimisations, but nothing as important as a server migration.
I also plan on setting up some status page to communicate when we experience technical issues, I'll let you know about that when it happens.

Thank you for you support! :)

@TheKinrar ça se passe comme ça quand tu remontes la tl antechronologiquement 😂

@TheKinrar Thanks for the reminder. Have started donating now, it's not a lot I'm afraid, but it's what I can afford right now 🙇

10 hours of server wrangling sounds distinctly not-fun, thank you!

@douginamug Thank you very much!

Well it can be some fun, but it's not fun when it's about bringing something used by many people back up :/

@TheKinrar et donc où peut-on participer à la maintenance du serveur et de l'instance ?
en tout cas, merci 1000 fois pour tout ce que tu fais

@laetsgo j'ai mis deux liens patreon et liberapay dans le toot suivant :)

@TheKinrar thanks for your hard work! I started sponsoring you after reading what went wrong and how much this is costing you. Hopefully you’ll cover your costs

@TheKinrar merci pour la maintenance du serveur mastodon ! Merci pour tout ce travail !

@Hyzual Je t'en prie, merci à toi pour ton message ! :)

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