What Android Mastodon client do people use nowadays?

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From what I understand Fedilab is going to be left somewhat unmaintained, so, Tusky I guess

@amj Je crois qu'à l'époque j'utilisais Tusky mais j'étais passé sur Fedilab pour le support multi compte

@TheKinrar honêtement je l'utilise quasiment pas sur téléphone à part pour poster des photos

@TheKinrar @brunofontes yes, actually Tusky works w pleroma too, but Husky is better

@piggo @brunofontes Better regarding its Pleroma support or something else?

@TheKinrar @brunofontes its themed for pleroma and supports things like more than 4 poll options better, im not exactly sure what else

@TheKinrar Yes, for some reason I prefer it, but I am not exactly sure why. Maybe the little difference in the theme colors.

@TheKinrar I recently moved from Fedilab to Tusky and prefer it.

I recently switched from Fedilab to Tusky. Seems solid.


And the maker of the app is very cooperative, if you mis an option he will add it. (look at my thread today)

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