Anyone at ease with text encoding, binary data, stuff like that? I'm having a hard time understanding some strange text "encoding" in a file I'm reverse-engineering.

I'm attaching some of my findings.

Af anyone over here can be of any help, that would be reaaaally great. Thanks!

@TheKinrar Are you 100% sure those "mappings" are correct?

Because the line with "ab" strikes me as odd. D3 01 would be 1101 0011 0000 0001, whereas the binary number written in that line is 1010 1011 0000 0001 (= AB 01).

Also, I've heard that it's common to apply some kind of compression algorithm. Maybe that's the case here, too?

Don't get your hopes up, though, I have no clue about reverse-engineering.

@TheKinrar `a => 0B` and `aa => AD 01` looks to me like it's simply treating [0-9a-z_] as digits in base 37 (with '0' = 1, ..., 'a' = 11, '_' = 37, etc., as you note)

but 0x1ad is 429, which in base 37 is 11*37^1+22*37^0, and we would instead expect the two digits to be the same rather than one being 11 and the other being 22.

but! if you try base 38 instead, you get 429 = 11*38^1+11*38^0! so what the format uses is just a number written in binary, which you can convert to base 38 to get the string out

hope this helps!

@migratory looks promising, thanks! testing that right now

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