Okay so it's getting better now but expect some bugs still happening. Please let me now how it's going, either directly here or sending me an email at if it gets bad again.

Thank you all for your patience!

@TheKinrar @CobaltVelvet a eu le même problème aujourd'hui, c'est aussi à cause de Scaleway pour toi ?

@val @CobaltVelvet pas de scaleway ici. Je ne suis pas encore sûr de ce qui se passe vraiment

@TheKinrar image attachments are currently failing, at least for me. Upload completes, but then the image never appears in the message composer.

@TheKinrar Merci pour le boulot :)

Rapport de bug : toujours pas possible de charger une image (erreur 500 à la fin du téléchargement)

@TheKinrar The interface and posts are no longer taking minutes to load or randomly throwing the error page, it's just a little slower than usual now. The problem is that new posts from many instances are still not loading and cannot be interacted with. I'll wait for the new servers tomorrow if they're still needed, hopefully everything will return to normal after that.

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