How can he hate Linux so much so that his only reason for not using it is "no", and how can he say it's simpler to "bodge"/hack on Windows than on Mac/Linux?



This video is all about doing things the hard way because of "no"

@TheKinrar just in case you're serious, because 'bodging' something implies using what you have and what you already know, even when it's not the best solution (that's one reason he talks about how he made so many things work using autohotkey despite describing it as a hot mess to work with). If you put work into learning something new just so that you can make it easier to bodge, then it's not a bodge anymore.

@TheKinrar oh he actually points this out in the video! He's not going to learn the low level stuff when it's nearly certain someone did it already and you can just cram whatever tool they made in and bodge it.

@Ashrand yeah I know. I was mostly talking about his huge "NO" about Linux which pops in the middle of the video for no reason

Well the 'no' isn't directed at linux really is it? It's aimed at people that feel like if they only bring up how much better linux would work in X scenario then the reasons people don't use it will stop mattering.

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