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Seiko 7005 @priryo
Pics of the current state of the Seiko:
Face, Back, Movement - part dismantled, Parts removed

The state of the case means I don't intend to restore the watch. But to have a decent middle range movement to practice on is a luxury. If it survives my assault I can keep it against finding a suitable case with a worn out movement so I can make my own "Frankenwatch."

Seiko 7005 - Taking off the bridge holding the auto wind reduction wheels has exposed a lot more of the works than I expected, i.e. the motion wheels are not held at the top pivot. The balance, escapement and motion are visible, and I could look for the primary fault next. Then reassemble all, get some turns on the mainspring barrel and see if it runs - the movement is still in its case with hands fitted.
If it ticks I can think about a full strip down, clean and lube.

First real project on the desk: An abandoned Seiko 7005-2000 mech automatic won't run and the crown falls out if you move it.
The case back has been gouged by unsuccessful attempts to open it but the front isn't too bad.
Flipped off the back and took out the rotating weight. Nothing moves and the balance wheel is jammed. Scratches show somebody has been in there and I think it has been incorrectly assembled after some sketchy work.
It could be a challenge for a novice like me.

The trouble with many of these fields of interest is that they look all hard and full of arcane knowledge from the outside. Then something makes you look a bit closer and in a few evenings of research you know some of the basic principles and can do some of the run of the mill actions.
Then it's too late, you're sucked in. And my Dad's old discarded watch with no winder has its movement ticking happily on the bench.

Oops I did it again

No more hobbies or interests, I said. I have enough, or too many. Jack of all trades. So .....

Now I'm starting to tinker with mechanical watches.

Save me.

Wow. Contested those counterfeit transistors with Ebay and was given a full refund. Color me shocked.

(I'm definitely tired of typing on glass. Touchscreens are Just Plain Bad. They're the product of too many compromises - they're supposed to be Good Enough, but they're not, they're crap and we just ended up getting used to them. I want my phone to fold out into a proper keyboard damn it. Surely a touchscreen isn't the best we can do?)

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Thought I'd try out Ninjam to see if there were still public servers I could connect to. Had a groove plugged into my tablet in case I got through and things were quiet enough to mess about.

Connected to one while trying settings and there was a whole group of musos already jamming there, who saw me arrive and welcomed me. So I quickly called up a Hammond and jammed along on the touchscreen keyboard for a few minutes.

I'll call that success.

Ninjam 101 in next post >>

Splitting my voluntary attention several ways just now.
Checking out and refurbing another sewing machine, a Singer 66, prob 60 years old or so. She's in good shape and runs smooth as silk.
Prepping for making Christmas gifts out of leather, for family.
Learning to use a music creation app for android that Actually Works.
Makes my mind hum along happy for a while ~~~~~~

Any idea how to get Mastodon timelines not to refresh if I expand and then minimize images? Does it every time, God bless it.

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Fun fact: my father, a preacher, told me that his personal vision of heaven was playing tenor sax in a Cuban nightclub forever and that may have affected my personal theological bent.

I like to build things from abundant resources such as trash.
Does anyone know about a tutorial that teaches one on #howto build a #DIY radio station from common available material in electronic trash?
(Yes I know that you can also buy it cheaply. ...if you have the money, if supply chains are functioning in the area you are...)

concept: a mastodon bot that scrapes USPTO patent data and tells you what patents are expiring today

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Can you identify this old tool?
It looks like a hammer of some sort but has a tapered tang in the handle, so probably isn't one unless the top faces take the impact.

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