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Sunbeam city feels awfully quiet...

[Artwork by Teikuko Shounen]

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Hello #fediverse please consider hosting your videos on my (very small) peertube instance []. I have the best domain name.

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MPC Live + Integra 7 = good enough for making movie music?

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I have a friend selling a mint green "Gretsch G6118 Anniversary circa 2003" if you're interested or know someone who is.

I object to the use of the term Net Worth, or Worth, to describe a count up of a person's wealth.
To the question "What's his net worth?" I want the answer to be "As a human being, it's incalculable."

Android puzzle:
Allowed my Moto phone to update to 7.1.1, with all the trepidation I feel when watching an operation which might just convert my device into a slimline paperweight.

All fine now, after undoing a tweak it gave to my sound settings, but I have a new icon lurking in the notification bar at the top, which looks like a fat letter "N" . Any ideas what that is?

Made myself an iced coffee as it is hot and summery.
I wanted to like it, but sorry, I won't be repeating the experience.

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So, this is my @HardenedBSD based audio studio I've been building for the past few years. Although is #FreeBSD based, it's still relevant.

An old Grundig TK121 reel to reel landed on me today. Two instant faults presented before I even got the mains power to it - the mains switch was jammed and the operating lever stuck in rewind when placed there.
Stripped down to the working chassis, the switch was released without fuss, but the operating lever detent roller had broken up. The reels rolled but no sound happened, except a bit of mechy moaning. It's going to hit the skip, I'm afraid.

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So, I'm buying another used car (Toyota Previa) today or tomorrow, to replace my previous used car (Hyundai Trajet) which is rusting apart.

This "new" car will cost about the same as it would have cost to repair the old one, but I don't expect it to last more than 1-2 years - it's the same age as the one it is replacing, and it already has some rust issues... it's a gamble.

I'm kinda OK with being the guy who "finishes off" old cars. Reuse trumps recycling, right?

The expected purchase of a Shadow aeroplane has not taken place :(
Recent interpretations of the rules prevent it getting a permit as a UK microlight, so no plane for me this time.

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My phone: "You're running low on storage: 1.00 GB available."


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Please do not shame people for existing under capitalism.

This includes shaming people for not participating in a boycott you're privileged enough to be able to participate in.


Current reading for the speed of our house broadband is 2.1mbps

Refused to scrap all my 3.5" floppy disks, though long ago I copied their contents to a CD. I have an old desktop around with an A: drive and more recently acquired an unwanted USB floppy drive.
Kept cassette tapes too, although keeping a deck running is more tricky as the rubber belts and wheels stretch and crack. Many of those are on mp3 anyway but I still expect an odd tape to turn up.
Don't get me started talking about my minidisks ...

Shadow purchase is going ahead! 😜
Current owner agreed to perform the microlight conversion and re-permit the plane, in exchange for no haggling on the price.

Win-win .... love it.

The Shadow aeroplane I was eyeing up to buy turns out to be a later model, the Streak Shadow, which is not a microlight. But it can be converted ... 🤔
I see risk ... and time and money black holes. 😬

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i am an heron. i haev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this toot to 10 other ppl i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans.