I have a friend who is studying instrument making, here are some pics of a guitar she was working!

She'll be doing an apprenticeship in 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 in August, and is looking for some nice people to stay with.

You? Someone you know? DM me!

Morning! Those of you who know me from Twitter will know that for ten years now I have run a weekly photographic challenge called . Each week I set a theme and people post their photos, videos or artwork to match the theme. I see no reason why you lot shouldn't join in the fun too.
The theme today is "House". Post your pictures with the hashtag

Aviation, the language of lights 

A fun little tidbit on how pilots communicate to each-other using lights. Planes have different sets of lights, and here is what they mean.

Navigation Lights (red in left, green on right, white behind): The main master switch is on.

Beacon Lights (red or white rotating, usually on the top of the tail): Either the engines are running or are about to start.

Taxi Lights (white, sometimes on the nose wheel): Either the plane is moving or is intending to move.

Strobe Lights (white flashing lights on the wingtips): Either the plane is in the air, or is on or intending to be on an active runway.

If anonymity on the internet would become illegal, would you consider preserving your anonymity and/or privacy even if that may be a crime?
Had to abreviate the answers a little bit.

RT much appreciated, this really interests me.

Handspring Visor retro PDA 

Handspring Visor resurrection is not a success.
* Hangs on connecting with cradle to desktop USB.
* After booting up and calibrating stylus input, hangs after random amount of time.
In these cases, Hang means fail to respond to on-off switch, even after removing and reinstalling batteries. Only recovers after leaving for some hours with batteries removed, and boots up to initial calibration process. No effect from strip down, clean and check connectors.

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Guys, can you connect me with someone who hosts soft-skill training classes using zoom?

Please #RT

Handspring Visor retro PDA 

Visor booted up the _second_ time I put batteries in. It's just playing with me.
All functions I've tried are available. The old data on it has gone - or maybe I dumped it before. Now to find a manual and other info.


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Visor Handspring retro PDA 

Much frustration over last couple of weeks when I couldn't find my old Visor Handspring and join the retro personal organiser trail like @kelbot and his ilk.
Today stumbled upon an old storage box in the garage marked PC Hardware, and joy of joys,the little fella still exists, complete with usb cradle for sync.
Time to check it over and put some AAAs into it. If it works I'll hook it up to my old WinXP workshop lappie and let them chat.

for every engineer who moves fast and breaks things, there are four more who move slow and fix things. and they're tired of the first engineer's bullshit

How to do vector network analysis without really doing it, using only a power meter or other scalar instruments.

First, use a power meter with a predetermined complex impedance to measure the reflected power or SWR. Ideally, Ξ“ is complex and you get a single point on the Smith Chart. Unfortunately, without phase, you get |Ξ“| instead of Ξ“, the best you can do is drawing a circle enclosing all the possible complex impedance values that give the same reflection magnitude.

Next, use another power meter with a known but different complex impedance, (possibly by deliberately introducing a mismatch), repeat. You get another circle. Finally, use yet another (mismatched) power meter, and you get yet another circle.

Finally, the unique solution of the complex impedance is found at the intersection point of the three circles. Basically the theoretical foundation of a six-port reflectometer. #electronics #amatuerradio #hamradio

A Discovery.
Wanting to take notes with non-dominant hand while using controls with dominant [right]. Left hand writing with pen was miserable fail.
Also experimenting with finger-writing on android tablet...

Find I can finger-write as well with left hand as right. Win!

I guess it's using a pen that is the problem for my LH, not writing.


"i need ammunition, not a ride" holy fuck

may be no more, in the end, than a source of energy, like a battery which one clips into an idea to make it run


Did you know that one of the ways Android and IOS reduce energy consumption is by using a unified system-level notification provider?
UnifiedPush is FOSS implementation of the same idea that could help projects such as #pinephone and #linuxphones in general by providing both a framework to reduce battery consumption and a more unified interface to code notifications on.

If you follow FOSS, would you please boost?

There is a UK gov web service for a particular toll bridge crossing account I have been using since 2014. I am curious to know when they will have enough confidence to take it out of Alpha, having used it for millions of actual payments over 8 years. Its predecessor (Dart Tag) was marked ALPHA for the whole of its life starting some time before 2011.

Puzzling statement of the day -

Wife showing our grandson photos of family days out. Says:

"That's not a damsel-fly, it's Granddad with a donkey"

@RobinHood unironically yes.

The idea that everyone ought to be exceptionally clever or hardworking is one of the most profoundly corrosive parts of mainstream culture.

I'm seriously considering opening introduction for any informal trainings I might run by saying "this class is dumbass-positive."

The skillset required to get elected to political office are not the same as the skills required to discharge the responsibilities of that office. In particular, to do that as an honest, efficient and fair leader.

My unsolicited advice to young people is to wear earplugs when you go to the rock show. You will absolutely 100% regret it someday if you don't!

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