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Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world?

It was a disaster. Then we added microtransactions and in-app purchases.

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To be clear, this is real:

Samsung of Sweden made a hypnotherapy recording to make people forget their favorite TV shows so that they can rewatch them "fresh."

You shouldn't need to know my credentials to trust me when I say it's a bad idea for you to actually listen to a hypnosis recording created by an international corporation seeking to profit off of you and play with your memories.

Being apolitical is a convenient position, as politics and rhetoric bore me rigid. But holy cow, these days even *I* am seeing the increasing dysfunction in the Way Of Things.

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» We need more robots, better solar panels, instant communication and sophisticated green transport networks.

But equally, we need to organise politically to defend the weak, empower the many and prepare the ground for reversing the absurdities of capitalism. «

Yanis Varoufakis

When you walk in the hills, more altitude doesn't necessarily make better photos.

More from vacation in the English Lake District.
Took another walk into the hills on Weds, with a bit more ambition. Big spaces to wander in the high ground I chose to explore, with a few peaks poking their heads up.
Today was dawdling around the shore of the nearest lake with wife, discovering little areas where you could have taken a blanket and a book and hung around by the water for a long while.

Vacation! Staying in my beloved English Lake District, and the weather is normal for here. Rain and storms today, but yesterday I got my first hill walk done before the weather closed in, and took a few photos on the phone.
It was a low flying practice day for the military, and I watched a few of them passing by about 300m below me in the valley.

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The paradox of productivity in 2018 is even if you're writing a quantum tech article whilst simultaneously dogwalking, podcasting your fourth Ph. D, & inventing the next revolutionary drudge-work-automating app (that will be consumed by a tech giant), you'll always be making not-enough per hour for a dignified existence.

No amount of neurohack pills, 180-hour crunches and AI assistants will ever free us, because neofeudal capitalism will consume all abundance.

The wheel must break.

Been sent an email from a gambling website with an offer, and terms and conditions.
1. This email is strictly intended for the recipient of this mail and cannot be forwarded.

"Cannot" be forwarded??

Hold my beer ..... 😜

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Hi to .xyz 😃

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