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Do Krispy Kreme send subscribers promotional updates from a donutreply@ address?

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@KitRedgrave It's like with gravitational objects, huge piles of money attract each other and over time collapse into even bigger piles of money until everything is part of the money singularity
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HAPPY SOLSTICE! we are here in the peak of the sun. let us all take a moment today to put our faces towards the face of the sun and appreciate it. ๐Ÿ”† ๐Ÿ”† ๐Ÿ”†

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amazon: so, bought a bike lock, huh?
me: ya
amazon: gonna start showing u bike locks then if u like them so much
me: but I just bought one!
amazon: here's some more you disgusting bike lock lover! why don't u just marry one if u love them so much huh? fuckface. piece of shit.

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what naming scheme do you use for your computers (if any)?

(boost so more people can answer)

A neat aircraft I was able to fly [under instruction] on my family vacation near the south of France. A Jodel DR400 Eco, with a diesel engine running on Jet A1 fuel, controlled by two independent FADECS. Has automatic propeller pitch control to boot.
Really nice aeroclub there with a great airport mostly to themselves, a helpful CFI and fair prices for tours and instruction.

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Because of the #youtube ban, #blender foundation is now testing #peertube as a video distribution model

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There's this default assumption that what you see in-person is the real person & what you see online, if it's different from the real person, is fake.

Obs this doesn't apply to literally using a fake photo or similar. But I've always felt like it's only in text that I can really "be myself." I can express my emotions better/more freely in text, (or text+emoji), my personality comes through better in text than in person. So if you want to know who I really am, meet me online. #actuallyautistic

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We all need a free alternative to YouTube!

PeerTube is a decentralized video hosting network, based on free/libre software.

PeerTube is currently in beta version, that's why @Framasoft needs your help to pave the road to version 1.0!


(Framasoft is a small french non-profit, so do not hesitate to Boost this Toot to non-french user and invite them to help us fund PeerTube v1)

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It's like with telecoms and net neutrality.

Telecoms: online content is using too much of our bandwidth, infrastructure costs a lot of money, content sites need to pay up!

People: uhm, but nobody would be buying Internet access from you guys without the content. Creating content costs a lot of money. Perhaps Telecoms need to pay the content sites instead?

Telecoms: *blank stare* *back away slowly*

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I love the hypocrisy of Microzon Facegoopple and their ilk regarding #GDPR and similar regulations.

Corp: Selling user data is ok and users are perfectly fine with it, because they get their personalized ads. Precious precious personalized ads.

EU: Ok, then show them this information clearly and ask them for consent explicitly.


EU: Wait, I thought users wanted it? You wouldn't be lying about that, would you, eh?

GDPR emails from orgs that are seeking Opt-In are great. I can ignore them, not bother to look up their site, and thereby instantly opt out.

GDPR is being misinterpreted by a number of small operators that emailed me, reminding me that I can always unsubscribe if I want to change my communications preferences.
Doth Not Equal Opt-In, friends.

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*Civil War-era violin music begins to play*

My dearest Lulabelle,

Beloved, it is with a heavy heart that I write to you from the battlefield to tell you that we have updated the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy...

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As I lift the toilet lid a disembodied voice says, "We've updated our privacy policy."

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Kayenta Solar Project, built and owned by the Navajo Nation.