I’m angry that the industry collectively decided that authoring HTML is not the domain of Everyday People anymore.

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Sincerely hopes that professional coders would never work this way.

Realises that pro coders work to deadlines and under intense pressure to launch or fix.

Experiences strong need to keep away from machines that use software to ensure safety or security.

Experience of occasional coding-for-fun:
Section of code does not function as planned.
Inspect code, see nothing wrong.
Test code to understand error, results mystifying.
Start making changes to principle of operation, workarounds for unknown error.
A few attempts later, it works. No idea why it is better than original.
Run a few more tests and find no problems. The changes are fundamental and I can't know how it will affect the whole project having left original plan, because Complexity. 1/2

Oh gosh, it's really that simple.
With scarce exceptions, captains of industry and politicians make decisions that create the best outcomes for captains of industry and politicians.

I taught myself assembly language with nothing but a book, paper notebooks, and a computer with one (1) floppy drive, when I was 16. I am sick of all these fucking frameworks.

I think need to either code microcontrollers or nothing at all.

I'd like to buy a couple of people living in the UK @UnconventionalEmma new Zine 'Keep Calm and Grow Food' (see above toot). Ideally people on minimum wage/benefits. So if you are interested, DM me.

Boingboing gate has been removed now.

What is going on?
Will it come back?
Does it attack random readers at will?

Some discussion found on

Ex- pro privacy, pro security BB will have to pick a side.

Argghhhh! boingboing.net has just activated an adblocker gate.

I thought they would understand 😞

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It's easy to feel guilty when your passions and interests vary over time. Maybe you were really into one thing. Maybe now you're really into another.

That's ok.

You're a vibrant living human being, not a brand. Your friends are not your customers. You can change with your whims.

A few weeks ago when clearing out a relative's house, I found the family reel to reel tape recorder, an old Grundig TK121, non-functioning.
Put it on Ebay for 99p, collection only, to try to keep it from landfill.

A guy won it for that amount, turned up later to collect it and apologised for paying so little. He already had one and bought it for spares.
I got an email later that day and he had fixed it instead and was well pleased with its sound.


Hello! :)

Please do not flush or pour away your unused medication of ANY TYPE, it’s environmentally damaging.

Please instead take it to a pharmacy for safe disposal. Thank you. <3


I am a pellet in the food trough of the financial industry

There is a new flying sport like drag racing for airplanes. They race side by side in lanes, start at a line, take off at the signal, then after a short distance they land after a line, turn 180, do it again, and the first one stopped with their tailwheel down on the ground wins.
They call it STOLDRAG, and the piloting skills are serious. They all fly taildragger bush planes. It's all done for fun, by the bush flying community.

Racing starts at around 8:00.


why shame someone for having an old phone when you can congratulate them for successfully defying planned obsolescence

my continued use of linux at school is in danger. please provide links about linux at school, and using it ovet windows, and please give arguments on why i should use linux.boots much appreciated :)

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