mild gore, insects, genius idea do not Steal 

Step 1: Build bee housing with guidance from expert apiaries
Step 2: Sit cross legged for all of ten minutes
Step 3: Open bee-sized gash in each foot, place feet in bee house
Step 4: Allow angry bees to exit feet
Step 5: Honey for nothing

I trained a neural net to study 10,000 whatevers and set it loose to write it's own.

It was nonsense so I scrapped it and then I wrote my own shitty ones and I present them here:

lewd shitpost about ET??? 

ET looks like someone that has a scrotum down to their ankles that's pulled it over their head as a bit. ET stands for "Elastic Testicles" right?

Just got banned from twitter for calling out a bluetick harrassing someone, so that's a thing

consider taking a fiber supplement queen.

I'm Steve, I'm terrible at virtually everything but occasionally I make the funny

I've no idea what I'm supposed to do here but I've followed two Garfield shitposting accounts and regret nothing


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