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Steven Saus

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I'm Steven, a mid-forties (damn) guy who's a white straight male. I like using my privilege to upend things. The status is not quo.

I'm a and who plays . I'm an agnostic who can still make a religious argument. Leftist, prior service US Army, and user of the Oxford comma. I've been a landlord who earned real money renting virtual land, and love doing panels at conventions.

And that's my . Say hi!

RT German officials heckled out of restaurant by rowdy mob

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Let them dine in no restaurant
Let them enjoy no diversions nor entertainments
Llet them obtain no product nor service in ease
Let them hear the chanting of those they would oppress at home and at work
Until they have been brought to justice

Pam Bondi attempted to attend a screening of the Mister Rogers documentary a day after announcing her plan to end protections for health care consumers with pre-existing conditions. Here, via @ti…