I've been pairing with a junior colleague on one of our dev servers using #tmux. It's been a fun experience. I've showed him how we could even chat by typing commented out commands.

Our other colleagues might be surprised if/when they poke about in the history. :D

@alfajet "commented out commands" can you tell me more about that ? Not sure understanding it well :s

@alfajet Nice okay, I thought about using "wall" or "talk" that's why.

@Sp3r4z no, we were sharing the same tmux session, so through the same user. It's a trick I've used in the past when wanting to chat without switching to another window.

It always makes an effect to someone who hasn't been too much exposed to tools like tmux or screen. Hehe

@alfajet I've naver used tmux like that, I mean sharign a same window/session, very interesting and smart thing.
I need to find how auto-close session when all windows are closed in it. To do a "tmux by default" and no worry about closing them…

@Sp3r4z yep it's cool. With another colleague we even did a bit of pair programming through tmux/vim a couple of times.

It's a good tool to have for helping out a colleague if they're not sure what to do, especially if that's an important server. You can let them type the commands, check that's ok / rectify a bit.


@alfajet Very interesting, thanks for this very nice idea.

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