Fediverse, I need your help !
My manager aks me to define my job, with a name and I'm stuck at "I need time to think about it". My actual job name is "web developer", but it needs to be (much) more precise. "Frontend dev" is a bit narrow, "fullstack" seems to be a bullshit joke.

I do PHP backend dev, JS dev, CI/CD, install and configure softwares on Linux servers, do some automation scripts, use GIT…

Any idea ? Boost appreciated.

@Sp3r4z Well, if “web developer” isn’t good enough for your manager, (s)he has the option to make sure you can focus on a specific field. 👼

@meduz It's more about "reflecting the real job I do", not really "web dev is not a job".
And it's true, when I look at other colleagues that are "developers", I do a lot more of stuff (I mean diversified ones).

So I don't really know, it's for being different than the others, because I do a larger diversity. (maybe not clear :s )

@Sp3r4z It’s clear. I’ve been in the same situation since 2016, I also think that full-stack is generally bullshit fraud, but at the end… when what you do in web development is larger than just front-end or just back-end, and when you do all of these things rather well, I only see “web developer” as an accurate title.

On my LinkedBin profile, I’ve put “front-end / full-stack developer”. And I sign emails with “front-end developer, and beyond”. :D

@meduz "web devleoper" hide lot of things for lot of people, even experienced one. But yeah, I feel like fullstack is a bad joke (or fraud) and not really accurate, but well it's quite a good "title", in a way. Do you think "fullstack web devleoper" can be a good thing? (to put WEB visible)

Why frontend and fullstack dev? Is it to emphase on "frontend skills"?
For me front and back are import, the same piece of shit, but every face of… not one bigger than the other.

@Sp3r4z It’s to put emphasis on front-end, because it’s what I want to do professionally. During all my job interviews, I learned that in a lot of teams, the front-end developers never write back-end code, so I also wanted to show that I’m more than a regular front-end developer.

“Full-stack web developer” is probably reflecting correctly what you (or I) do.

And “web” is never bad to specify, but to some people it feels old-school, too. :D


@meduz I get it, for the emphasis, and I find that interesting and more precise. You don't hide your profile and skills, that's great.

I'll took "full-stack web developer", don't give a damn if it's a bit "too classy" or old-school. I do Web, and I don't want to hide that because Web is a cool and nice thing for me.

Thanks a lot for your help and answers, very appreciated.

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