#freshrss 1.15.0 is released just in time for your Halloween news!
New export/import to SQLite, new archiving control, compatibility with a new iOS client, and more… github.com/FreshRSS/FreshRSS/r…
Thanks to the 19 contributors (11 new) of this release and to our testers
And @marien is back!

@alkarex Will you update your system to auto-update our instances ?

I mean, every time I see an update on Github, I can't update with the internal process. Is there any solution ? :s

Thx for help

@Sp3r4z Should be available by tomorrow. Auto-update via ZIP is always a bit delayed (compared to git and Docker). We are working on a new process, but it is also partially on purpose to wait a bit, to ensure quality. Similar approach than e.g. an Ubuntu release and when it becomes available to existing installations.

@alkarex Right, I get it :)

Maybe something more "informationnal", but : can we imagine having a message/alert about "Your FreshRSS is outdated, you should update it" it can be simple and nice to do :)

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