#release 0.16.3 is out. I know, we jumped straight from the 0.16.1 to this one, the fact is that the 0.16.2 introduced a critical bug, so let assume it did not exist.

By upgrading, you'll fix:

- A CLI importer error on higher version of Python 3
- A front-end issue where the user was asked to chose an instance when visiting for the first time

Changelog is available here, as well as the upgrade instructions: docs.funkwhale.audio/changelog

Thank you for your patience, happy upgrade!

I've being trawling the new for old audio dramas I was in.

I thought to might be an idea to add a #voiceover page to my website, so I did.

If you need any voicing done for games, audiobooks, or anything at all, let me know. :)


Flavigula music has been added to a #Choon playlist. I am stunned (in a good way).


"We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?"

#mastoart #doctorwho #eleven


Yep, platforms api's will be the best. If all platforms have their APi's open, it would simplify things a lot.

Exceptions: you have smaller sites (or new, beta) who have a significant impact on your exposure, not sure if they have an api.

@SolarPhasing - Best would to have a standard format for recording plays and have all sites implement it.

Each time a track is played, something like the following is sent to some external api that collects them...

{ artist, title, length, album, playlist, ... }

All these in #Redis or #Mongodb where some polling server extracts and reorganizes info.

Will be great to have an option to separate published and private on "Tracks" on

As Soundcloud uploading music there, this option would interest me a lot.

I'm sorting out ideas uploaded there (private) and it's not really practical as it is. As no search engine over your tracks..

Humble Book Bundle: Essential Knowledge by MIT Press

MIT Press is back with an bundle of ebooks from their Essential Knowledge series! This series offers accessible, concise, beautifully produced books on subjects that range from the cultural and the historical to the scientific and the technical.



Muchas gracias! 😀

It was an old idea sleeping on my hard drive since 2013. I had even forgotten it.

In july I worked on 3 versions, this one, & 2 alternative versions/mixes for medias market (video games, movies, etc). I'm selling some since published.

My conclusion:
Do not throw away ideas, nothing is ever worked for nothing, so it's never a waste of time. 😀


Database Entries.
For example: Platform (sites), Album, Single, then titles, then plays, likes, comments, votes, shares, is it in a playlist? etc.
Criteria for selections. (here it becomes more complicated if you want to choose for example a period, but not necessary, at first).

Here everything is fallow, but may be worth it to look more seriously.


Hey man ,
Your idea looks good!

You have to manually extract the data from all places, it takes a lot of time for this part, and you can't automate it (only few sites provide exports, and not all data).

Once you have the necessary data, you need to compile: manual data entry, or csv import, analyze, display, with options, and so on.

The idea would be to have a friendly tool to get useful information.

@SolarPhasing @flavigula

That describes pretty much how I compose my #Ambient music.

I listen for textures and have a good ear for harmony - the rest is left to fate! :)


The notion of .
Very interesting.

With Solar Phasing I really started to think that way. More than ever. How sound layers can draw a texture.

Yeah, it becomes very interesting, and fascinating, when you start playing with harmonies in different ways. Thinking outside the box, I would say. 😀

@SolarPhasing - speaking of #MilesDavis, every month in my jazz course, we focus on a #JazzStandard. In June, it was #MyFunnyValentine. I transcribed a Miles solo from one of his late 50s live albums and played it with #fuzz for part of my interpretation. It was a learning experience.

I was analysing what tracks people like the most, based on plays, votes, likes, comments, shares, playlists, followed, etc. By cross-referencing data with all platforms it allows to give the popularity of the tracks.

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