griping about UIs, music software 

dismantled my #amiga #a500plus to find out that the clock battery has leaked and caused some corrosion near the Gary chip, very similar to

I don't have the tools to repair it, unfortunately :(

Hello all! We have an Open Call to collaborate with ArtFutura London. For the interest of the London community, mainly!


- Since January 1990, ArtFutura, the festival of Digital Culture and Creativity, has explored the most interesting projects and ideas that have come upon the international panorama of New Media, Virtual Reality, Interactive Design and Digital Animation.

- ArtFutura 2019 London:
Saturday 30 November & Sunday 01 December.
Venue RichMix & Iklectik.

- ArtFutura festival presents a catalogue, an audiovisual program, performances, workshops and conferences.

- ArtFutura has now an Open Call for:
- Artist Talk (presenting your media works)
- Live AV Performance (including visuals and music)
- Workshop (developing tools for digital creativity)

- ArtFutura London is interested in growing the network of new media artists, scientists, coders, who are developing work on digital art, new media, media art, art, science and technology, computer graphics, live coding, motion graphics, game art, VR, AR, fractals, etc.

- If you are interested in participating at ArtFutura 2019 London please send us information about the piece, biography, high-resolution images for web, and contact details to

- Deadline Saturday 10 August 2019.


Hey man, cheers fromfFrance

It's all about generating music ramdomly? That's the point? or not?

I'm curious about it. :0)


Nice to meet you too. :0)

Note that your are only 2 today to have reply from a welcome message (from 9).

It's like in the street, you say hello to someone, and he ignore you. Even on Twitter a welcome have a reply, haha .


About the the vibrato, try a guitar with one..if you like it then think of it. But not essential.

Let your heart speak, mainly. :0)
It's about falling in love with an isntrument. Or something similar, haha.

7 string? For what? haha (joking).
6 strings have all the sound palette you will need.

Only suggestions.

53 6F 6C 61 72 50 68 61 73 69 6E 67 53 6F 75 6E 64 44 65 73 69 67 6E



Honestly, its one of the best guitar I played these last years.& that's why my friend let me play with it! Thanks Marco!! haha

I'm a little busy right now.
I will check your music somewhere in time. :0)


Hey man.
This Telecaster (who is a great great guitar, have an incredible tone, and reacting at the dynamic and knobs as hell) is not mine. A friend give it to me to play on rehearsals and some gigs. :0)

I just need one overdrive pedal to do the job directly plugged on The Fender Deluxe. Great! Great!

I normally play on A 1995 Stratocaster and a LaG Roxane (a luthery one). On electric guitars.

And you?


Oh.. Even if I'm multitask I check all the requests as they come, haha ;0))

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